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David Moise is the president and founder of Decide Consulting. Prior to starting Decide Consulting in 2002, Moise spent 13 years working for several IT services firms, including Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Berger & Co. (now Modis), Akili Systems and Insource. He held a number of positions including programmer, technical architect, practice manager and sales account executive. He has spent numerous hours not only solving hands-on client technical problems and crafting their solutions, but was responsible for securing and retaining millions of dollars of new business.

4 CyberSecurity Trends In 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

4 Cyber Security Trends In 2018 AI/Machine Learning - Double Edged Sword - It will soon be a weapon against attacks, malware, ransomware and viruses - Hackers will incorporate it Renewed Commitment To Zero-Trust Security - Insider threats need a new strategy - Right access for the right people IoT Vulnerabilities - 25B IoT devices = 25B security threats Continued Rise of Ransomware - Insurance policies - Better Malware http://decideconsulting.com/4-cyber-security-trends-2018-company-cant-afford-ignore/

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10 Things IT and Tech Managers Hate about Recruiters

Most CIOs, CTOs and IT managers dislike IT and Tech Recruiters. They have good reasons to. While the good ones can make life better for the CIO, CTO and IT Manger, the bad ones make life annoying.  Unfortunately many IT and tech recruiters focus more on quantity over quality, which makes the CIO, CTO and IT manger pay the price. Ten Things Tech Managers Hate in Software and Technology Recruiters While a great recruiter might have a few flaws that drive you a bit crazy, hopefully most of your dealings with them help you improve the process of finding the [...]

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The ROI on EHS Systems is Better Than You Think

Many people think an Environmental Health Safety (EHS) system is too expensive, that it won’t provide the ROI they’re looking for. But actually, it’s more expensive not to implement an EHS system. The ROI is much better than you think!Even a small EHS department will find it reaps in immediate cost savings, and larger EHS departments will see significant returns. In fact, these systems pay for themselves in just one year. Many cloud systems are pay as you, so users do not have to purchase a module for every user. For a single process, the cost to implement an EHS system [...]