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Our local recruiters combine years of experience in recruiting and staffing with our deep knowledge of the IT industry. This unique skill set enables us to find the RIGHT candidates for your team and/or business so your projects are completed successfully and on time.

We solve problems. It’s our competitive advantage. Make it yours with Decide Consulting on your side.

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CyberSecurity Self Assesment

How Safe is Your Company from Cyber Attacks?

No company is 100% secure from cyber attacks, hackers and ransomware. There is plenty you can do to minimize your risk. Take our cybersecurity self-assessment to find out what things to do first.

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Download the 2019 Salary Survey

2019 IT Salary Survey

Is your company able to attract top IT talent? How competitive are your employees’ IT salaries? How much do the Hot IT skills make? Find out with the 2019 IT Salary Survey book.

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