Between the ‘great resignation’ and IT jobs set to double in 10 years, companies need to think about having a specific Tech Talent Strategy.  It has never been more important for companies to hire the right technical talent. That technical talent has never been harder to find and hire.

The pandemic forced 10 years of change in a few months. As we emerge to the ‘new normal’, digital transformation projects are getting the green light daily. Every company is competing for the same people with the tech skills.

Yesterday’s methods do not have the same results. Posting on jobs boards is less effective because the people you hope will see them will not. Someone who received multiple recruiter calls per week does not need to look for the next job. Those jobs are coming to them.

Decide can help craft a Technical Talent Strategy. This is not recruiting. This is helping you find and attract more people more people on your own. Read more here about what we provide in Technical Talent Strategy Session.

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