Testimonial – Digital Marketing Firm

The Problem

A small Digital Marketing company who needed high value and high performance from new employees. They did not have much room for error. Someone with high base salary with good skills in some specific area of their business, was not what they needed at this point in the company growth.  They needed someone who could where many technical hats and be able to quickly figure out what they did not know.

What They Had Done

The company spent quite a bit of time recruiting, but was unable to find a match. The less experienced individuals they interviewed could not convince the company they had the capability to wear multiple hats and figure out problems as their client’s needs changed. The more experienced individuals knew certain things well, but wanted hefty salaries. They were also less willing to take on task outside their specialty.

Decide’s Solution

Decide found a candidate whose resume looked good, but did not show her true potential. She had the right skills and had done some good work, but her experience was light. Decide had her take our problem-solving assessment. She scored in the top 2% of all candidates – a rare find.

Decide contacted the Digital Marketing company and told them we have the equivalent of drafting Tom Brady in the 7th round, except we know it is going to work. New England was just hoping.


The client brought her in and hired her immediately. She has proven to be an intelligent, quick learner and problem solver. She has handled everything she has been asked to do. She is doing it at a fraction of the cost of a seasoned individual who could do half the work.

“Decide found us a great resource that is directly contributing to our company bottom line. Others may have overlooked her, but Decide saw how she could help in ways others could not.”

Executive, Digital Marketing Agency

Testimonial – Bank

Business Need

A Bank with almost 1000 branches was beginning a large lengthy project to update and streamline their teller, back office and customer online banking systems. They were implementing new technology and lacked the internal resources with the expertise for the project. They decided to supplement their in- house Development Team with contract resources with the specific technical knowledge to implement the new technology and the ability to take initiative and solve problems.

What They Had Done

They talked with several staffing companies to augment their staff. They were shown a large number of resumes and brought in 12 for interviews. They were extremely disappointed and frustrated as none of the candidates had the skills and mental aptitude they were looking for. The client said “the vendors are not listening to us and keep sending the wrong type of candidates. They were just sending resumes of people who had matching keywords and nothing more.”

Decide’s Solution

Decide implemented a multi tired recruiting approach to evaluate and identify the developers with the right skills that fit the job at hand perfectly.

  • Decide had a Senior Technical Developer conduct an in-take call with the Hiring Manager to ask specific pointed questions to uncover the skills needed to accomplish the client’s objectives.
  • Decide recalibrated the requirements and gave our recruiting team the correct questions to filter resources.
  • Decide assessed the candidate’s IT problem solving capability using our conclusive hiring process
  • The top candidates were interviewed by our Senior Developer to rank them for the client.

Decide presented 5 candidates that passed all of our screening for 2 positions, we ranked them 1 to 5 and the client chose to interview just the top 2. The entire process took 5 days.


6 months after the candidates were placed the client said they are two of the best consultants that they have out of over 30 developers. They had the technical skills, communication, experience and problem-solving capability to make the project successful. The client told Decide “we will use Decide first for IT staffing.” Bottom line is we hit the mark and the client did not have to spend time going through countless unqualified interviews.

“Other vendors were not listening to us and kept sending the wrong type of candidates. They were just sending resumes of people who had matching keywords and nothing more. Decide had a very different approach to finding and qualifying people. We will use Decide first for IT staffing.”

John, Banking IT Director