Reasons you need to have a Technical Talent Strategy Sessions

  • Your IT & software roles are taking too long to fill
  • Your internal technical team is tired of the recruiting process
  • Your recruiting team is struggling to find quality candidates
  • You are paying for recruiting tools and wondering if you are getting a return on it
  • There is conflict between the technical team and recruiting team
  • You need to make multiple hires and want to avoid high recruiting fees

What we cover in a Technical Talent Strategy session:

  • Better Job Descriptions
  • Subtle things Companies Do That Drive Away Good Candidates
  • Things Companies do to Attract Good Candidates
  • Tests & Assessments – Helping or Hurting?
  • Changing the Interview Process for More Hiring
  • Job Postings – Worth it?
  • Referrals on Steroids
  • External Recruiting Options that do not break the bank

Why do a Technical Talent Strategy Session with me?

David Moise is one of the few individuals who has worked as a Software Developer and run a Technical Recruiting agency. Mr. Moise has been a software developer for many years. He started his own company doing custom software projects. That company increasingly had a focus on recruiting IT and Software professionals for our clients.

The bulk of people working in technical recruiting have never written line of code. The bulk of technical people have never posted a job. Mr. Moise has done many of both.

“When I was a developer, I was the always the most requested individual to perform ‘tech interviews’.  I have been in the shoes of the tech team, the hiring manager and the recruiter. I have a unique perspective on what each party needs and how it related to the others.” – David Moise

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