Practical Reasons you Cannot Find .NET Developers

IT staffing and recruiting nowadays has become extremely competitive. Organizations are looking for nothing less than the best talent, and have expanded their hiring routines to make way for the talent. As part of their search, they have incorporated a lot of new and innovative methods for reaching out to the best IT talent. Microsoft .NET is a the technology stack selected by many companies. Go figure, demand for .NET people has steadily grown. With all this, .NET Developers are becoming harder to find.  Companies are struggling to figure out why they used to be able to find .NET developers [...]

What to Expect from Your IT Staffing Partner

Hiring in the field of IT has become more and more complex over a period of time. Gone are the days when you could get dedicated IT workers without getting the assistance of senior staffers or recruiters. Now, in this day and age of heightened competition and specialized skill sets, it is necessary that you hire talent that is up to the mark in delivering what you want from them. Inevitably, many companies turn to IT recruiters for help. Here are some items to expect from your IT staffing partner.Getting such a talent without any professional help can be overwhelming, [...]

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Technology Spotlight: Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

Considering the recent wave of disasters, organizations have put contingency plans in place to deal with them. Organizations now want to deal with disasters in a manner, which safeguards their best interests, without requiring a major upheaval. Companies need to consider what they need to do for disaster recovery and business continuity. While they cross over quite a bit, disaster recovery and business continuity are not the same. When it comes to planning for disaster recovery, businesses are confronted by two different methods – Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Planning. There is a basic difference between both of these [...]

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Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – July 2018

IT and Technology Jobs Report July 2018 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* Unemployment For IT and Tech Jobs July 2018: 1.9 Unemployment For IT and Tech Jobs  June 2018: 1.9 Unemployment For IT and Tech Jobs  July 2017 (last year):  2.1% Total IT and Tech Jobs* Total IT and Tech Jobs July 2018: 5,038,000 Total IT and Tech Jobs June 2018: 4,963,000 Total IT and Tech Jobs July 2017 (last year): 4,689,000 Read More: Top 5 IT Cyber Security Certifications with the Greatest ROI >> Read More: How Employers Plan to Deal With the IT Skills Gap? [...]

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How a Mentorship Program Can Help Your IT Department

Mentorships can do an amazing job for the development of your IT department. They set a culture of enhanced exchange between all members and ensure that every member can reach out to others. Mentorship programs break down any silos in the organization. With companies looking to hire the best IT talent out there, it is important for your organization to appreciate the talent that you already have in your ranks and give them the training and mentoring they deserve. A good mentoring program can bring positive results to any IT or technology department. Mentorship programs basically connect people together. [...]

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