IT Management Certificates to Boost Your Salary

In the previous 18 months ending in November 2018, 1 in every 7 jobs created in the US is in IT.That is quite a bit of technical people. These opportunities are not restricted to just the technologists. Demand for the governance and management expands along with it. If you are planning on moving a step ahead in your career, you can take up managerial and leadership roles in the organizations at an improved pay scale. IT management certifications area good way to make yourself available and attractive to more roles. Getting these certifications can help you expand your strengths. [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – December 2018

IT and Technology Jobs Report December 2018 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* Dec 2018: 2.1% Nov 2018 2.4% Dec 2017 (last year): 2.4% Total IT and Tech Jobs* Dec 2018: 5,184,000 Nov 2018: 5,202,000 Dec 2017 (last year): 5,052,000 US Economy Jobs Added Dec 2018: 312,000 Nov 2018: 155,000 Dec 2017 (last year): 175,000 US Unemployment Rate Dec 2018: 3.9% Nov 2018: 3.7% Dec 2017 (last year): 4.1% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 1 in every 7 Jobs created in the last 18 months, is in IT or Technology, while still being 3.2% of the workforce. Source: Bureau [...]

10 Common Interview Questions You Need to Know

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. The anxiety before the interview escalates even more when you start worrying about what questions the interviewer is going to ask. There isn’t any standardized list of questions that the interviewer goes through during an interview. A lot of what gets asked depends on the kind and the level of job you are applying for. The mindset of the interviewer, the job description and your resume details play a huge role in determining what kind of questions you will be asked in the interview. You cannot determine the first one, i.e. the mindset of [...]

Cybersecurity Certificates to Boost Your Earnings

Cybersecurity is a hot topic for every CIO and CTO today. Every day new cyber incidents are reported. In 2018, Sears, Best Buy, Facebook and Panera Bread all reported cyber-attacks and incidents. This has increased the demand of professionals who can help the organizations secure their systems. So, if you have some really good cybersecurity certificates on your IT resume, you can present yourself as an ideal candidate. Such certifications open a tremendous window of opportunity for you to explore. Cybersecurity certificates are an excellent way to boost your earnings. With these certificates, you can increase your competence and [...]

Why do You Want to Work Here [Infographic]

Answering “Why do You Want to Work Here?” Sub Topics: Talk about the Culture Talk about the Company History Talk about the Current Projects Talk about Your Personal Goals Do Some Research