Answering: Why do you want to Work here?

Choosing a company to work for is not easy. Most people usually settle for big names without much research because they don’t care as much about building their careers as much as they love money. However, a very common question that comes up in an interview is, “Why do you want to work here?” To answer this question you will most likely need more than a cursory knowledge of the company and its history. If the company is famous, almost everyone will know of its story and success. However, if it’s a small company, if you know more than the [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – September 2018

TITLE:  IT and Technology Jobs Report September 2018 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* Sept 2018: 2.0% Aug 2018: 2.5% Sept 2017 (last year): 2.8%   Total IT and Tech Jobs* Sept 2018: 5,028,000 Aug 2018: 5,118,000 Sept 2017 (last year): 4,895,000   US Economy Jobs Added Sept 2018: 134,000 Aug 2018: 201,000 Sept 2017 (last year):  14.000   US Unemployment Rate Sept 2018: 3.7 Aug 2018: 3.9% Sept 2017 (last year): 4.2 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Half of CEOs expect no change to economic conditions in the next 12 months. Source: Vistage CEO Survey  

Top 8 Cost Cutting Techniques for CIOs

Chief Information Technology Officers (CIOs), sit at the center of all C-level executives. They are tasked with playing numerous important roles in any organization, and have to look at a variety of facets that are interlinked with being a C-level executive. One of the roles that they play is to ensure that their department sticks to the finances provided. CIOs have to balance the technology needs with the budgets. CIOs all over are being asked to do more with less. Here we focus on some favorite ways smart CIOs cut cost so they can focus on the "more". Since [...]

Do You Need Background Checks for IT Employees

Background checks have become an important part of jobs across the world. Employers have recognized the importance of checking on their employees before they make them part of their organization by hiring them. While many businesses run background checks before hiring, the methodology of the checks is different in almost all cases. A regular background check would entail the following points within it: Criminal Check: Organizations would check the criminal background of the employee and check if they have or have not been involved in any acts of a criminal nature, which they wouldn’t want in their culture Educational [...]

Amazing Phone Interview Tips for Tech People

Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and Phone interviews are increasingly common in the tech and IT industries. More IT professionals are working from home and more companies are perfectly OK with remote talent. It means that more and more IT people are being interviewed over the phone or other VoIP services. When you are not sitting with your interviewer or employer in person, and you don’t have control over the conversation beginning or ending (because the phone reception or internet connection may betray you at any time), you need to make sure your answers are precise and to the point. Here are [...]