Finding And Hiring IT And Software People Is Going To Be Harder

In the months prior to Covid-19, the job market for IT and software people was hot. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for IT people hovered near 2.3% for all of 2019. Even several months into the Covid-19 economy, the IT sector is competing with the legal profession to have the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Prior to Covid-19, companies trying to hire top technical talent were finding it more difficult to do so. As we emerge from the Covid-19 economy to the recovery, it will become even more difficult to find and retain those software and [...]

Companies Moving To Texas

There has been a lot of news lately about some big-name companies moving to Texas. There are several more lesser-known companies that have moved to Texas. We started compiling a list of companies that have moved to Texas and where – Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio or wherever else in Texas. There are several reasons tech companies shave been moving to Texas – lower housing costs, lower tax rates, less regulations have made it easier for companies to operate in Texas. There is already an abundance of technical talent all over Texas. Any company moving here can tap [...]

Reasons to Use a Fractional CIO

Reasons to Use a Fractional CIO2020 put a spotlight on how organizations are using technology. The differences between those who just want to keep the lights on and email going vs those that see technology as a means of growth has never been greater. Still, not every company can afford to bring in that technology visionary to help them grow. CIOs and CTOs can be an expensive hire. If you bring one on board, you want them to focus on technology strategy, not fixing printer issues.More companies are turning to Fractional CIOs. They are also known as part-time CIO, CIO-as-a-Service, [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – December 2020

IT and Technology Jobs Report Dec 2020 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* Dec 2020: 3.0% Nov 2020: 2.4% Dec 2019 (last year): 2.3% Total IT and Tech Jobs* Dec 2020: 5,614,000 Nov 2020: 5,223,000 Dec 2019 (last year): 5,262,000 US Economy Jobs Added Dec 2020: (140,000) Nov 2020: 245,000 Dec 2019 (last year): 184,000 US Unemployment Rate Dec 2020: 6.7% Nov 2020: 6.7% Dec 2019 (last year): 3.4% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics "67% of small businesses report plans to increase their workforce in the year ahead" Source: Vistage SMB CEO Survey

Houston IT, Software and Tech Jobs Dec 31

During this COVID period, it is important to help each other out any way we can. We are hearing from many IT, Software and technical people in the Houston area who are finding themselves suddenly out of work.While the people at Decide Consulting cannot come up with an anti-viral drug, we can help those displaced individuals find new homes. While the number of IT, Software and technical job openings has fallen off, it has not been eliminated. The need for good technical talent remains. Every day during this period, we will post the IT, Software and technical jobs advertised in [...]