Part-Time CIOs Can Help With Digital Transformations

2020 provided us with many business lessons. A top one is to rethink how you use technology. The companies that saw more revenue and greater market share all had technology as a central component. Larger companies with extended IT departments and the pockets to pay McKinsey consultants are rethinking how they are using technology. They are looking to monetize data or use IT to expand services. But what can the midsized or smaller companies do? What if your IT department is only 10 people and they have full workloads? Those big-name consulting firms do not return your call unless you [...]

How Low-Code Tools Can Help Your Digital Transformation

Companies are heavily investing in digital transformation projects. It is hard to read an article that doesn't tell you that your company needs to digitally transform. While it is obvious that all companies need to do this, there is an open question about what to do. Switching to Agile methodologies and moving your servers to the cloud are common things companies are doing. But these activities are not going to make a difference this quarter or the next. Agile requires a cultural shift in your company. Have you ever seen what happens the first time you ask a developer for [...]

We Need To Solve The Technology Talent Problem

We have a technology problem in the U.S. There are over 500,000 open IT and software jobs in the U.S. right now. That number is only going to grow. How do we fill the current job openings and train people for the upcoming demand? The Problem estimates we are at 500,000 open IT jobs right now. In another Forbes article, we wrote how the number of IT and software jobs will double in 10 years. Even during April, one of the worst months of Covid, the unemployment rate for IT people only went to 4.3%. Compare that to the [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – April 2021

IT and Technology Jobs Report April 2021 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* Apr 2021: 3.3% Mar 2021: 1.9% Apr 2020 (last year): 5.6% Total IT and Tech Jobs* Apr 2021: 5,686,000 Mar 2021: 5,920,000 Apr 2020 (last year): 5,735,000 US Economy Jobs Added Apr 2021: 266,000 Mar 2021: 916,000 Apr 2020 (last year): (20,679,000) US Unemployment Rate Apr 2021: 6.1% Mar 2021: 6.0% Apr 2020 (last year): 14.8% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics "Small businesses are encouraged by vaccine distribution. 72% of SMBs are expecting increased revenues in the next 12 months" Source: Vistage SMB CEO Survey  

Companies Moving To Texas

There has been a lot of news lately about some big-name companies moving to Texas. There are several more lesser-known companies that have moved to Texas. We started compiling a list of companies that have moved to Texas and where – Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio or wherever else in Texas. There are several reasons tech companies shave been moving to Texas – lower housing costs, lower tax rates, less regulations have made it easier for companies to operate in Texas. There is already an abundance of technical talent all over Texas. Any company moving here can tap [...]