$1,000 STEM Scholarship from Decide Consulting

The Houston-based IT staffing and recruiting agency, Decide Consulting, is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students who have an interest in pursuing a STEM career. Our company understands the value of an education and the need to help students achieve their goal. We also understand the need to have more STEM students. There are over 500,000 open IT and software jobs in the US. The high cost of education, including tuition, housing, and books frequently makes it difficult for many students achieve their STEM dreams. In an effort to makes financial issues a little easier, our company is offering this [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – December 2019

IT and Technology Jobs Report December 2019 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* December 2019: 2.3% November 2019: 2.4% December 2018 (last year): 2.1% Total IT and Tech Jobs* December 2019: 5,262,000 November 2019: 5,259,000 December 2018 (last year): 5,184,000 US Economy Jobs Added December 2019: 145,000 November 2019: 266,000 December 2018 (last year): 227,000 US Unemployment Rate December 2019: 3.5% November 2019: 3.5% December 2018 (last year): 3.9% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Q4 2019 - 27% of CEOs reported that economic conditions recently improved, up from last quarter. Source: Vistage CEO Survey    

Why it is a Great Time to Major in Computer Science

“Newly-minted graduates are getting job offers up to $500K.”  Anytime you want to get a room full of college students to perk up and say “Wow!”, just make that statement. (FYI - It works for the Gen X and Boomer crowds also.) Regardless, there is a population of people with new post-graduate degrees who never worked that are earning up to $500K a year. The jobs come with perks and bonuses. It is a small group. Odds are if you are reading this, you are not in it that population. That’s still OK, because for every job paying $500K [...]

2020 IT Salary Survey Released

Decide Consulting has just released it’s 2020 IT Salary survey. We publish data on over 200 IT, software and technical positions such as: Cloud Architects Full Stack Developers DevOps Engineer Chief Information Security Officer Network Engineers Data Scientists Information Systems Security Manager Front-End Web Developer We combined our own CIO / CTO survey results with job board data and cross reference all that with data from the Department of Labor / US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Added together, this is a comprehensive collection of IT, software consulting and technology salary data. How to Use this Guide For IT Workers, [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – November 2019

IT and Technology Jobs Report November 2019 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* November 2019: 2.4% October 2019: 2.2% November 2018 (last year): 2.4%   Total IT and Tech Jobs* November 2019: 5,259,000 October 2019: 5,423,000 November 2018 (last year): 5,202,000   US Economy Jobs Added November 2019: 266,000 October 2019: 128,000 November 2018 (last year): 196,000   US Unemployment Rate November 2019: 3.5% October 2019: 3.6% November 2018 (last year): 3.7%   Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 68% of small business CEOs expecting increased revenues in the year ahead, a 6-point increase from last month Source: Vistage CEO [...]