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What Soft Skills to put on a Technical Resume Part 2

Soft skills refer to interpersonal skills that reflect your personal attributes. They demonstrate whether you can fit into a company’s culture and handle adversity. With the Coronavirus pandemic rapidly changing the job market, soft skills are more important than ever to employers. Mentioning these skills in your resume can help improve your chances of securing a job interview. Read on as we discuss the top soft skills that are important for technical roles. 1. Leadership Leadership is one of the most sought-after qualities in a candidate. Good leaders are hard to come by, and according to Elucidat, there is a [...]

What Soft Skills to put on a Technical Resume Part 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the job market in the last year. The demand for technical roles continues to be high, and new job opportunities are opening up every day. Of course, there is also a great deal of competition you need to overcome too. Your soft skills are a valuable asset here. It can differentiate your resume from other applicants and get you through the door. Read on as we discuss the best soft skills to list on your resume. 1. Adaptability Adaptability is more important than ever for organizations. With COVID-19 forcing most businesses to shift to [...]

Why Software And IT Jobs Will Double In 10 Years

In 2017, I made a bold statement: Software and IT jobs in the U.S. will double in 10 years. Three years later, we are ahead of pace. While Covid-19 slowed the pace, it did not derail the technology job growth. I am still confident we will see jobs double from the original date. I am also confident we will see IT and software jobs double from now in 10 years. The same reasons apply, and we have now added a few more that will accelerate things. Each month, my company compiles an economic report based on the Bureau of Labor [...]

Finding And Hiring IT And Software People Is Going To Be Harder

In the months prior to Covid-19, the job market for IT and software people was hot. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for IT people hovered near 2.3% for all of 2019. Even several months into the Covid-19 economy, the IT sector is competing with the legal profession to have the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Prior to Covid-19, companies trying to hire top technical talent were finding it more difficult to do so. As we emerge from the Covid-19 economy to the recovery, it will become even more difficult to find and retain those software and [...]

10 Best IT and Technology Job Search Websites

A common technique for Information Technology workers to find their next employment opportunity is job sites and job boards. While job boards may not have the relevancy they once had, they are still an important meeting ground between employers, recruiters, IT contractors and technology workers. Here are the 10 best IT and technology job search sites so your company can make the best choice on posting your IT and technology jobs or searching for the best IT and technology jobs. There are still thousands of companies listing opportunities and technology jobs. Many of the better jobs boards now blend [...]