How to Do a Better Video Interview

Recruiting practices and processes have changed a lot over the years. Thanks to the internet, tests and interviews are now conducted online to find the most suitable candidates for the job. This has made the entire process more convenient and flexible, both for the recruitment team as well as the candidates. Candidates can take their tests and interviews from virtually any location in the world. It prevents them from losing the opportunity of a lifetime just because they are not able to travel to the interview location. If you are in the IT or software industry and have been [...]

How to fill 500,000 Open IT Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to fill 500,000 Open IT Jobs There are over 500K open IT and software jobs. That number is only getting bigger. Improving Gender Diversity Only 18% of IT workers are female. Hire H1Bs Sponsor and bring in people from other countries. Hire people from Coder Academies More Academies are popping up. They are producing good technical candidates. Encourage STEM in Schools We are not going to fill these all today. We need a 20 year plan

Why It’s Harder to Recruit IT and Software People

We talk to our customers and prospects daily about finding good, quality IT and software people. Everyone is arriving at the same conclusion - it is getting harder to find those high caliber IT and Software people to join your company. Some will respond with “no kidding?’. There is an obviousness to the statement. But even to those who want to dismiss it, we challenge that most IT hiring managers are still underestimating the tech skills gap. Here are a few numbers to put things in perspective: According to, there are 500,000 open IT and software job in [...]

How to Have a Successful Onboarding Process for IT People

According to recent statistics, the unemployment rate for IT and technology workers has been hovering around 2%. IT and tech companies have to do everything in their capacity to keep the people they have. The need for data scientists, .NET developers, and security analysts is growing exponentially. IT careers are the most flourishing and lucrative professions in 2019, and they’re only going to get better in the coming years. IT and technology professionals are highly sought after because it’s very hard to replace them. Let’s take software engineers as an example. Their daily tasks include designing and testing software [...]

Facts about .NET Developers in Texas

One of the things we do at Decide is keep tabs on the talent pool in Texas. We invest in knowing the market so when our client base is looking for a specific skill-set, we know where to look. Here are some good statistics about .NET Developers in Texas: Where They Are: Here are the Texas Cities with the most .NET Developers Houston 4,975 Dallas / Fort Worth 4,538 Austin 2,490 San Antonio 672 El Paso 228 College Station 196 Amarillo 162 Lubbock 152 Beaumont 137 Waco 121 Education .NET Developers with a college degree from: A Texas University: [...]