4 Questions to Identify a Team Player for Software Development – Updated

“As we are experiencing the ‘Great Resignation’, many people are re-evaluating what they want in a job and where they are doing it. Companies are trying to keep up with the trends as well. We are updating one of our past entries with some additional information related to current hiring trends.” Team players are better than lone wolfs when it comes to software development. No one individual will be able to code, test, release, prototype, etc. We need teams of people to get this done. Good team players make an organization better. Bad team members can cost thousands, if [...]

Recruit Technical Talent with Upwork and Slack

Simon Edwardsson from V7 and David Moise Discuss “How To Recruit Technical Talent Using Upwork, GitHub and Slack” We also talk about Building Remote Teams, Balance using Recruiters and Finding Niche Technical Talent. -- Contents of this Video--- 00:00 - Intro 0:42 – Recruiting Talent From Upwork, Git, Slack and Others 2:30 – How to Navigate Upwork for Talent 4:10 – Portugal to Ukraine 4:50 – Advice on Finding Niche Tech Talent 8:07 – Company Newsletters to Recruit and Advertise Jobs 10:45 – Recruiting Success 12:10 – Growing from 12 to 50 People in One Year / Marketing to Candidates [...]

Better Hiring With Better Technical Interviews

Shannon Hogue from Karat and David Moise Discuss: “Better Technical Hiring By Having Technical Interviews“ We also talk about equitable hiring, How to do a better tech interview and transparency in the interview process. -- Contents of this Video--- 00:00 - Intro 1:08 – Why Qualifying Tech Talent is Tough 1:50 – Better than Technical Trivia and Gotcha Questions 2:50 – Let Candidates Know What to Anticipate 3:45 – Equitable Hiring Practices 4:40 – Why Tech Interviews are Better than Tests 5:35 – A Human Experience 6:55 – How to do a better Technical Interview 7:50 – Google “How [...]

A Different Way to bring in Technical Talent

Lauren Sato from Ada Developers Academy and David Moise Discuss: “A Different and Better Way for Companies to Bring in IT and Technical Talent “ We also talk about the Technical Talent Gap, how focusing on diversity helps companies be more profitable and what Ada Developers Academy is doing to solve these. -- Contents of this Video--- 00:00 - Intro 1:08 – A Great Solution to Bring in More Technical Talent 1:40 – The Talent Gap and the Moment We are In 2:50 – Benefits of Diverse Teams 2:56 – Access to the Youngest and Brightest 3:30 – Companies [...]

Make your Own Tech Talent

Chris Morgan from Bosch and David Moise Discuss How Bosch: “Makes their Own Technical Talent through Their Apprentice Program“ We also talk about the need for Data Science Professionals, why that is a great field to study and how to start your own intern program. -- Contents of this Video--- 00:00 - Intro 1:04 – Internships program to attract technical talent 1:40 – 5 Million Lines of Code in a Car 1:54 – Cars are Becoming a Collection of IoT Devices 2:30 – Autonomous Driving from the Parts Up 3:10 – Using Apprenticeships to Bring in Talent 3:52 – [...]