What Motivates Tech People More Than Money

Money matters. It matters a lot. It is often the reason we switch jobs. Money is not the only thing that keeps you IT people motivated to stay at their jobs. It is widely presumed that money is the ultimate motivation for better performance. It is seen as the source of job satisfaction. The settlement may work for some time, but it cannot be sustained in the longer run. Employees are unlikely to acquire job satisfaction if they are solely motivated by good pay scale offered by the company. There are some other elements that play an important role [...]

Top Qualities of an Effective IT Leader

Information technology and software development requires incredible creativity and vision. A leader in Information Technology has to really push for excellence and value in their products to make sure that they make a mark on the world. This article digs into some common characteristics we see in strong IT leaders. Having a Vision An IT leader needs to have a clear vision in order to lead his or her company in to the future. That cannot be compromised because tech is a field that is more concrete and less abstract than other fields like social sciences. Hence, the vision [...]

Effective Retention Strategies to Keep Your People

The job market is extremely competitive today. It has become very hard to keep good employees because the competition is so fierce. Poaching talent is nothing new. However, with companies becoming more mercurial, times have changed. There is an extreme need for employees to be valued so that they think twice about switching jobs. There is a lot that can be done to retain employees, but there is very little that companies can do once their mind is made up. Hence, it is always better to work on good employees before they make that decision and make them feel [...]

What a 3.8% Unemployment means to IT and Technology [Infographic]

What a 3.8% Unemployment Rate Means to Tech Talent 1- IT & Tech Talent Is in Demand 2- Tech Talent Is Enjoying High Wages 3- Tech Talent Is Getting Better Perks 4- Tech Talent Gets More Inquiries in Their Services 5- Companies Need to Hire Tech Talent Faster 6- You Need the Right Environment & Culture https://decideconsulting.com/what-a-3-8-unemployment-rate-means-to-tech-talent/ Read More: Changes to DACA, H1-B Make Tech Recruiting a Challenge >> Read More: 3 Tips for Navigating the Tech Talent Shortage >> Read More: Practical Reasons you Cannot Find .NET Developers >> Read More: Why Is It Harder to Find Talent [...]

How to Build an Employee Retention Program

Retaining employees and keeping then satisfied, is an important part of every organization’s HR function. Technology organizations need to keep employees interested and give them the perks and benefits that keep them around. With so much emphasis on retaining employees, managers end up making some mistakes that they later start regretting. To assist them with this process, we have made a list of tips and steps that they can follow to build up their retention program. This article focuses on how to build a better employee retention program. Every company wants to retain their employees. By following the methods [...]