7 Secrets to Managing and Hiring Gen Z

By 2023, it is expected that Generation Z will make up approximately 20% of the global workforce. Generation Z, those born between 1990 and 1999, is beginning to enter into the Information Technology field at a surprising speed. With the ever-expanding IT industry, the demand for professionals is increasing and it is only a matter of time before the companies will encounter a poignant skill gap.

For the IT companies, this can become a tough situation. The recruitment, training, and managing of Generation Z will be difficult for the IT managers. It is evident that Gen Z is a digital native. Contrary to the Gen Y and baby boomers, they are most accustomed to the advanced technology. This ultimately necessitates the IT managers to review their approach of managing and hiring them.

It has become a matter of concern for the IT organizations across the world to decide upon the new hiring paradigm. To facilitate the process, it is important to know some of the key factors that can help in better recruitment and management of the newer generation in the field.

Here are the top seven secrets which can help you, as an IT manager, to execute the process effectively.

Secret#1: They will take less money for more meaningful work

The best thing about Gen Z is that they are willing to indulge in the learning process. They prioritize quality of work over money. They crave for a healthy field experience, not just a handsome salary package. This means that you should emphasize making the experience meaningful for them.

IT graduates and professionals, aged19-35, look for a job that has a strong sense of meaning rather than just a paycheck. You have to offer them a purpose if you want to recruit and manage them effectively.

Secret#2: They expect they will need to work harder than their parents

Generation Z has grown up during the period of global recession. They are witnessing the ongoing slow recovery in the job industry. This has made them realize to place a greater value on the job and financial security. They consider the obligation to prove themselves as a worthy choice for the job.

Growing up amidst the financial crisis and political instability, they have become more driven and self-aware. They understand the shortage of jobs prevailing in the market and ultimately expect to put in more hard work than their parents. This denotes their professional seriousness.

Considering this approach, the IT companies can mold their managerial tactics accordingly to boost positive work energy among the Gen Z recruits. They can prove to be a valuable asset for the company.

Secret#3: They want flexible hours

Fixed working hours and timing may not be the top priority of the Gen Z. They are more interested in workplaces that offer them a flexible schedule. They are willing to put in hard work but also need the companies to be accommodating in terms of work hours.

Secret#4: They want to work for someone they can learn from

Gen Z is not the kind that is seeking any opportunity they can get their hands on. They are selective in their decision.

They want to become part of a team where they have room for learning and career growth. They do not want to work under imposing leadership, but for someone who is willing to add value to their experience.

Unique career advancement is a priority for Gen Z. If you want to hire and retain competent IT professionals from Generation Z, you have to offer them substantial room for career development.

Secret#5: Expect to be in small collaborative teams

Working alone and independently is what Generation Z prefers. They like to manage their projects on their own with little interference. This ultimately makes smaller team initiatives a better approach for you to consider when dealing with Gen Z.

They understand the importance of team working and are good at it. They can work well with teams when they are heard out and given importance in the decision-making process.

In coming years, you have to maintain a balance between the Gen Z workers and the baby boomers and Gen Y professionals. It is important that you keep this factor in mind to make sure that the organizational goals are effectually met.

Secret#6: Want to be part of something – A member of a tribe

To bring out the best in the Gen Z employees, you have to make them feel valued. You have to indulge them in a manner that they feel like a part of the company. This can only be achieved by optimizing the organizational culture.

An enabling organizational atmosphere with an effective flow of communication and strong team building is necessary to keep the Gen Z motivated. This will also generate organizational loyalty in them which can prove to be highly constructive in the overall productivity.

Secret#7: Want flexible work locations

The working approach of Gen Z is definitely different than that of the previous generations. They are not the kind to stick to their office desks for eight hours starting from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. They are more about an open-working approach where they are not restricted by time and place. Gen Z is focused on individuality. They want their work environment and nature to reflect this.

You need to work on ensuring flexibility in your organization if you want the best performance out of the younger employees. Integrating options like work-from-home, on-call work dealing and virtual communication can play an important role in helping you develop a competitive team of IT professionals in the upcoming years.

The IT industry is becoming exceedingly competitive with the coming years. To achieve organizational success and growth, you need to have strong and determined teams. According to a nationwide survey, it is expected that 61 million people from Generation Z will enter the US job market. This ultimately makes it necessary for you to take measures which will help recruiting and managing the young workers more efficiently.

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