mentorship IT departmentMentorships can do an amazing job for the development of your IT department. They set a culture of enhanced exchange between all members and ensure that every member can reach out to others. Mentorship programs break down any silos in the organization. With companies looking to hire the best IT talent out there, it is important for your organization to appreciate the talent that you already have in your ranks and give them the training and mentoring they deserve. A good mentoring program can bring positive results to any IT or technology department.

Mentorship programs basically connect people together. The organization can connect people with specific skills and talents with others who currently don’t have those skills and talents, but want to acquire them over a period of time. The person with the skills and knowledge would be called the mentor, and the person learning the skills would be called the protégé.

As part of appreciating your IT talent, you can initiate a mentorship program within your organization. Have a look at the program at all times and ensure that you sell your company’s brand internally.

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Ways to Implement

Introducing a mentorship program requires great attention to detail. Here we mention a few methods which you can use to implement a mentorship program within your organization:

Match Mentors and Mentees

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the mentorship process. Pairing a mentor with a protégé is important to the whole process, as you need to do a lot of evaluation here. Organizations should ensure that the pairing is done after due understanding, and isn’t done without properly studying the requirements of both the candidates. Candidates that have likeminded attitudes should best be paired together, so that they are able to understand each other better.

Establish Roles and Check Progress

To avoid any confusion, it is best that you establish roles for all members to fulfill. If you want a particular member to help a protégé with coding or development, then assign that role to them. Your work as a manager begins with setting roles. Once the roles have been assigned, keep checking on how both the members are fulfilling their roles, or whether there is a need for alteration from your side.

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Give Them Time

The time period you give to the whole process should accommodate for the fact that both of these members are probably going to take some time knowing each other, working together and eventually getting to the level of understanding that you expect from them. Knowing this, you should give them some time and not rush the process.

Celebrate Goals

The best part about setting goals and aims is that you can achieve them and then rejoice over the achievement. Every organization has certain aims in place, which they envision achieving over a period of time.

When you see your mentor groups achieving goals, you should call for public recognition and celebrate those goals. Give both the members some tickets for a movie or for a lunch together. Make them feel good about the coherence they have achieved at work.

Benefits of Mentorship Programs

Now that we have talked about how you should implement a mentorship program, we will get to answering why you should implement it. Mentorship programs have numerous benefits and we will be discussing some of these benefits in brief detail here.

Knowledge Transfer

Mentorship programs can facilitate the transfer of knowledge between two candidates. They can ensure that people who have the required skills and information are able to pass it on to others who are new to the organization.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process by which you identify new leaders to replace the current ones who would have to leave the organization for one reason or another. By holding mentorship programs, you would be planning for the future.

Job Performance

Mentorship programs can have a sudden impact on the job performance of a protégé. Someone who is new to the organization would appreciate the learning environment, and try to implement all the knowledge information they get in the job that they do.

Core Values

Seniors not only pass down job related skills, but also pass down core values to their protégés. This ensures that everyone in the organization now knows the core values that define the task they are doing.

More People Know Company Mission

While all employees inside an organization should know the mission beforehand; mentorship programs help to pass the mission to new employees. The mission sets a direction for all members, and would motivate new candidates as well.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is ultimately linked with how much a person is getting to learn within their workplace. An environment where mentorship is fostered would result in more satisfaction in employees.

Development of Leadership Skills

A mentor does not only pass work-related information to a protégé, but also ensures that they know all that is to know about leadership and other personal attributes. This, thus, helps create leaders for the future.

More Goals Set

Mentorship programs can help organizations set more goals for the future and eventually meet them. It is always good to have employees endeavoring to meet goals inside the office.

Better Internal Communication

Internal communication is a major part of any IT job. The communication that employees have between each other defines how well they are able to communicate project details and other information. By creating mentorship programs, an organization is setting the stepping stone for good internal communication in the time to come.

Increased Teamwork

Teamwork is an important part of working in an organization. You form teams and work together to help each other rise to the top. Keeping this in mind, it is important that organizations impart lessons in teamwork through a mentorship program that is authentic to the core.

Company Loyalty

An organization that cares for all new entrants and wants them to develop their skills through interactive methods is actually helping all employees grow. This would increase loyalty towards the company and would mean that employees honor their job.

Mentorship programs go a long way in setting the right culture within your organization.

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