Case Studies / Success Stories

Decide works with many of the leading companies in Houston ranging from the Fortune 50 to dynamic small and mid-sized businesses.

Our clients business verticals Oil & Gas, Banking, Software, Energy Services, Environmental, Health & Safety, FinTech, Education, Chemical, Retail, Healthcare and Construction.

Below are a few case studies that are show how Decide has a different perspective on solving our clients IT and Tech needs:

Financial Audit Firm – The company performed IT security audits on small to mid-sized regional banks. They needed infrastructure generalists who understood network security…Read More … PDF Version

CRM Software Company – The CEO of a CRM Software company had a vision for new feature sets and was ready to expand the development team. They struggled with some previous hires, trying to mix the right mix of salary, culture and technical experience… Read More …PDF Version

EHS Systems for SEC University – A major SEC university had different processes for handling of biological, chemical and radioactive materials that varied from department to department. They wanted options on how to better manage the processes and reduce risk…Read More …PDF Version

Construction Software Company – A market leader in construction software is updating its software products to an industry that is slow to change. They are adding mobile, IoT and Business Intelligence features. They have more work than people…Read More …PDF Version

Software Testing Company – An international Software Testing was hired by a Fortune 50 Oil & Gas company which required them to open a Houston Location. They had success hiring in their native country, but needed help in the US… Read More …PDF Version

Regional Bank – A regional bank was looking to add to their software development team. They had several large projects with new technology and wanted to limit their full-time headcount. They wanted to bring on contractors with experience on the new technology… Read More …PDF Version