EHS Success Story – Major SEC University

Client Problem:  A major SEC university is wanting to improve its academic profile to attract more world-class STEM professors. The handling of biological, chemical and radioactive materials varied from department to department with different standards, processes and risk tolerance. It was known this was a key criterion for many potential professors to come to the school. Additionally, recordable incidents, near misses and investigations used separate departmental systems. All of this meant audit findings and investigations had different metrics. This left too many unknowns in how the university could measure risk across many categories.

“The Decide EHS team found things in our EHS systems that many of us who should have known – didn’t. With their plan, we were able to quickly fix some high-risk items. We know have a much better plan moving forward.”

Skill Sets Needed: EHS investigations, EHS Audits, EHS reporting, EHS Software, EHS Integration, SQL,Databases

What made us different: Decide not only has strong technical capabilities, we have been working specifically with EHS software systems continuously since 2005. We gathered requirements for, installed, configured and built EHS software systems. We have worked with multiple of the largest companies in the world implementing their EHS systems across their worldwide operations. We have done all of this working hand-in-hand with the EHS professionals. Additionally, we have leveraged out technical expertise to develop best-of-class EHS reporting tools and configuration tools.

What We Did: Using Decide’s DecisionEHS process, we first did an inventory, audit and review of their EHS systems and gave them a score on each for thoroughness and interoperability. This was the first time the university administrators had an understanding of the 20+ independent EHS systems in place. Decide provided ranked solutions on how to move off of the high-risk systems and integrate other systems over time.

Outcome: The university realized their risk-exposure was higher than previously thought. Decide’s work gave them a to-do list to address several high-risk issues quickly. They were able to do this internally. It gave them specific things to propose in upcoming budgets to begin addressing the rest.

Below represents the individuals in the Decide EHS practice:

Average Years Experience: 15 years

Clients Worked With
Total Petroleum
Archer Daniels Midland

DecisionEHS Highlights

  • Modeling of EHS safety processes
  • EHS software roadmap
  • EHS software scorecard tailored to you
  • Action plan to implement
  • High Value / Quick Wins / Low Cost Analysis
  • Under $10K

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