STAFFING SUCCESS STORY – Financial Auditing Firm

Client Problem:

The company performed IT security audits on small to mid-sized regional banks. They needed infrastructure generalists who understood network security and travel 80-90% of the time. They needed someone technical enough to walk into an infrastructure setting and know what to expect regardless of vendors or software. The same individual needed to be savvy enough to talk the C-level roles at the clients. They were running job ads with little success. People that applied were asking for 60K over what they could pay. They previously engaged with “15-20” agencies and staffing firms, with little success. The rare times a firm found someone for them, the agency was unable to repeat it.

“Decide was the first to hone in specifically on what we need, and to target the audience for it. Everyone else was just a blind squirrel looking for a nut.”

Skill Sets Needed:

Firewalls, Cloud Security, WANs, Data Center Switching, WAF, Vulnerability Scanning, Windows Systems Internals, Cisco Data Center products, Soft Skills

What Made Us Different:

During the intake meeting when we started asking “what makes someone successful here?”, we quickly realized their job description was completely different from what they were looking for. None of the 20 previous agencies dug in enough to figure that out.

They needed problem solvers who could think on their feet and not get hyper- focused on the technology. They needed people to see past the technology and communicate those topics to the C-level. Decide’s Conclusive Hiring problem solving assessment fit right into this.

How We Found People:

We identified their best people in terms of experience and former industry experience. This was something no other agency or recruiting firm had done. With the multiple passive candidates Decide uncovered, we had them take our proprietary problem solving assessment. Those who performed well, were presented to the client.


The client hired 3 individuals in 2017 to add to their team. This was the first year their hiring kept pace with the business growth. They never had three hires from one company.

Consultants Placed:Below represent the profiles of individuals placed

Educational Background
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

Average Base Salary: $85K

Average Years Experience: 12 years

CCBTSP – Certified Banking Security Technology Professional
CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CCNSA – Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
(ISC)2 – International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium
SCPU – Splunk Certified Power User

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