Staffing Success Story – CRM Software Company

 Client Problem: The company has a CRM software product that have many unique features that allows it to compete with and other larger organizations. The CEO had a vision for new feature sets and was ready to expand the development team. They struggled with some previous hires. While technically competent, they were content with their current skills and not interested in new technology, which the company needed. They needed to ensure the next round of developers were all cultural fits, technically competent and could handle an onslaught of new technology. They also wanted individuals early in their careers to contain cost.

“Decide had a different approach to finding people. By finding better problem-solvers, I am getting more done with my team of three than I used to with five.”

Skill Sets Needed: Full Stack Developers, C#, SQL, Javascript, MVC, Angular, React.Native, Mobile Development

What made us different: Decide’s Conclusive Hiring process focuses on our proprietary problem-solving assessment. Decide can identify the top 10% of problem solving individuals. These are the people, who come up with solutions in hours that take other people days. We explained our 100% success rate when placing high-scoring problem-solvers.

How we found people: We recruited from our traditional boards and recruiting channels, internal databases, sourcing from competitors, identified companies who used similar technology stacks and pulled people from social media. Decide has a significant feed of people coming in from our candidate-attracting salary tools. Each potential candidate was given our assessment. We forwarded individuals who scored in the top 10% of all people.

Outcome: The client hired 3 individuals from Decide over a 9- month period. One year after the first hire, the client commented these hires were among the highest performing software developers he has ever worked with and easily the highest performing team he ever had with his company.

Consultants Placed:Below represent the profiles of individuals placed

Schools attended
US Naval Academy
University of Houston

Average Base Salary: $60K

Average Years Experience: 2 years

SQL Server
Android and iOS development

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