Staffing Success Story – Regional Bank

Client Problem:  A regional bank was looking to add to their software development team. They had several large projects, but wanted to limit their full-time headcount. They wanted to use some new technology for them. Bringing in contractors was the way to go for them. They had previously worked with several nation-wide IT staffing firms. During this latest hiring round, those same firms presented “around 50” people. Most were rejected after reviewing the resumes. Those they did bring in to interview were rejected. The bank was frustrated and stated, “It is as if these staffing firms do not even understand what we are looking for. They are just kids matching acronyms”

“Decide has consistently brought in top quality people who are not only excellent technically, but get what we are trying to do here. No other company has been as consistent as Decide.”

Skill Sets Needed: Full Stack Developers, C#, SQL, Javascript, MVC, Angular, bootstrap, Web API, oWASP, FinTech

What made us different: Decide is founded and run by technologist and software developers. Decide management was able to have a qualification call with the bank and gathered a much fuller description of what they were looking for. That same tech-based management regularly has “tech sessions” with recruiting and sales, allowing them to better understand their clients and candidates. Decide’s Conclusive Hiring problem solving assessment allowed us to further analyze a candidates total package.

How we found people: We recruited from our traditional boards and recruiting channels, internal databases, identified companies who used similar technology stacks and pulled from social media. Decide has a significant feed of people coming in from our candidate-attracting salary tools. Each potential candidate was given our assessment. We forwarded individuals who scored in the top 10% of all people.

Outcome: Decide presented as ranked list of potential candidates. The client brought in 3 individuals from that list; Later on, they brought in a fourth from Decide. On each follow-up call with the client, the IT managers and co-workers give glowing reports about the performance and state they have never had so many high-performing developers from a single company at one time.

Consultants Placed:Below represent the profiles of individuals placed

Former Projects
American Express
Bank of American
H&R Block

Average Years Experience: 14 years

SQL Server

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