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Houston Edition, September 2020

For IT Employers For IT & Software Workers
An high-level overview of the post-Covid job market Top technical skills in demand, in September 2020
Trending IT & Software technologies to embrace, to catapult business growth How to upskill yourself, to become in-demand talent
How to identify & attract top talent in the Houston market? List of Top Houston companies in aggressive hiring mode

No Opinions. Just Accurate & Insightful Data

Data presented in the IT and Software Job Market in Houston (Recovery Edition, September 2020) edition is factual data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job board surveys, public APIs, surveys and technical social media audits. This information is then smartly summarized to allow both employers and employees in Houston’s IT and Software sector understand how the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed, is changing and will continue to change the face of the IT and Software job market’s many dynamics.

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High-level market intelligence is presented as charts, tables, bullets and summary snippets, to quickly and easily let you absorb insightful data. In just 15 minutes from now, you will have a renewed and relevant perspective on how to hire or be hired in Houston’s IT & Software job sector.

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