attract top tech talentThere is a growing demand for people with IT and technical skills. Companies need to plan ways to keep and attract the best technical talent. One doesn’t have to be the most informed person in the world to realize the following:

  • Demand for Tech talent will continue to rise
  • The cost of Tech talent will rise accordingly
  • There are numerous studies of CIOs citing their concerns over attracting and retaining tech talent
  • Jobs for software developers alone could increase up to 17% over the next 10 years
  • Big Data and Security talent are expected to grow as fast, if not more, as software development.

Finding new top tech talent is expensive and will continue to be so. The number one thing to do to control those costs is to keep who you have. Here are some things to think about:

Recruit your own people – It sounds odd. Let’s put it another way – invest in them. Do what you need to nurture their growth and careers.  Make work a destination to be. One Houston Software Company invest heavily in tech training, has yoga classes and dogs on campus. When they hire, someone, they rarely leave.

Create a Tribe – Make people want to be part of something. If people buy into you company at an emotional level, you will have potential employees lining up at the door. Who would have thought blinds could create an emotional appeal with their workforce? A company called did. When recruiting companies call their HR department trying to place people there, the HR folks just chuckle. They don’t have to use agencies, they have referrals on a waiting list to work there.

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Go Read a Salary Survey – Are you paying enough according to the market? The tech talent reads the salary surveys. Do you want to find out on

find right IT talent

your own or find out by them leaving?

Better have PTO – Sick days are a thing of the past. All a sick day ever did was force the employee to eventually lie to the employer. That’s not good for anyone. You are either at work or not. Does it really matter why not?

Talk it out – regardless of what your company is doing, if you are not communicating to the top talent you have, someone else will. Find out what their goals are, what they want to do. Perhaps even modify some of your company goals or priorities when you can find overlap.

Be flexible – If there is not some flexibility in the HR package, your competitor will and get your best people. At Decide Consulting, our key employees do not track their time off. They are judged by their ultimate performance. If they are selling, recruiting or making clients happy all while helping make the company profitable, we do not care how many Fridays you take off.

Be the company to attract the top talent as opposed to being the own losing the top talent.