How to fill 500,000 Open IT Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to fill 500,000 Open IT Jobs There are over 500K open IT and software jobs. That number is only getting bigger. Improving Gender Diversity Only 18% of IT workers are female. Hire H1Bs Sponsor and bring in people from other countries. Hire people from Coder Academies More Academies are popping up. They are producing good technical candidates. Encourage STEM in Schools We are not going to fill these all today. We need a 20 year plan

Why It’s Harder to Recruit IT and Software People

We talk to our customers and prospects daily about finding good, quality IT and software people. Everyone is arriving at the same conclusion - it is getting harder to find those high caliber IT and Software people to join your company. Some will respond with “no kidding?’. There is an obviousness to the statement. But even to those who want to dismiss it, we challenge that most IT hiring managers are still underestimating the tech skills gap. Here are a few numbers to put things in perspective: According to, there are 500,000 open IT and software job in [...]

Houston IT Market Facts

In July 2019, Houston employed 83,543 people in Software and Information Technology Here is the Gender makeup of Different IT Roles in Houston The entire Houston IT Market 18% Women / 82% Men Scrum Masters & Agile Professionals: 14% Female / 86% Male IT & Business Analyst 29% Female / 71% Male Software & Technical Architects 7% Female / 93% Male Data Scientists 21% Female / 79% Male Database Professionals 24% Female / 76% Male Software Developers 12% Female / 88% Male ERP Technical Professionals 17% Female / 83% Male Technology Executives 16% Female / 84% Male Computing Infrastructure 10% Female / 90% Male [...]

How to fill 500,000 IT Jobs

There is an insane number of open computer jobs in the USA right now. “500,000” may seem like an unbelievable amount, but this really is the number of empty IT vacancies in the IT sector. Filling in positions for big data solutions, data science, cloud engineering, and software development is a challenge because the industrial demands are exceeding the number of computer engineers needed for them. Tech-companies are really at a stretch and if they don’t take smart steps to overcome the employment gap, it will only get bigger. There is clear evidence that computer science demand is soaring, [...]

How to Introduce Artificial Intelligence at Your Company

We have had countless conversations with CIOs, technical directors, and IT directors about the future. These days. It seems most conversations end up talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI and machine learning are the next big things in the corporate world. Executives and leaders are now embracing the idea of advanced technology to maximize their efficiency. Of course, even entertaining the idea of artificial intelligence and machine learning means to invest in new directions. Roles and responsibilities of employees are bound to change. In fact, the entire organizational structure of firms requires a redo. Here’s how to [...]