How to Introduce Artificial Intelligence at Your Company

We have had countless conversations with CIOs, technical directors, and IT directors about the future. These days. It seems most conversations end up talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI and machine learning are the next big things in the corporate world. Executives and leaders are now embracing the idea of advanced technology to maximize their efficiency. Of course, even entertaining the idea of artificial intelligence and machine learning means to invest in new directions. Roles and responsibilities of employees are bound to change. In fact, the entire organizational structure of firms requires a redo. Here’s how to [...]

Effective Ways for Luring Tech Talent to Your Company [Infographic]

Effective Ways for Luring Tech Talent to Your Company Sell the Culture of Your Company Sell How You Use Technology Emphasize Your Company Core Values Sell Your Employee Perks Offer to Send Tech Talent to Training Act Fast When You Find Someone Are you finding it harder to locate the good technical and IT talent? Many companies find them selves in the same situation. There are some better ways to locate and attract the right it and technical people to your company. Contact us to learn more.

What a 3.8% Unemployment means to IT and Technology [Infographic]

What a 3.8% Unemployment Rate Means to Tech Talent 1- IT & Tech Talent Is in Demand 2- Tech Talent Is Enjoying High Wages 3- Tech Talent Is Getting Better Perks 4- Tech Talent Gets More Inquiries in Their Services 5- Companies Need to Hire Tech Talent Faster 6- You Need the Right Environment & Culture Read More: Changes to DACA, H1-B Make Tech Recruiting a Challenge >> Read More: 3 Tips for Navigating the Tech Talent Shortage >> Read More: Practical Reasons you Cannot Find .NET Developers >> Read More: Why Is It Harder to Find Talent [...]

IT Departments Need To Hire More Military Veterans

IT departments across the country could easily upgrade themselves by hiring more military veterans. Military vets, just by being one, are equipped with certain skills any employer wants to have. According to data gathered by Payscale, veterans are commonly well equipped to handle tech jobs such as program manager, systems analyst and network administrator. These jobs also pay well and push tax credits towards the companies that hire them. Veterans of the military have the added advantage of being trained to adapt and carry out specific functions, especially those relating to technical skills. These tendencies come in handy in [...]

Practical Reasons you Cannot Find .NET Developers

IT staffing and recruiting nowadays has become extremely competitive. Organizations are looking for nothing less than the best talent, and have expanded their hiring routines to make way for the talent. As part of their search, they have incorporated a lot of new and innovative methods for reaching out to the best IT talent. Microsoft .NET is a the full technology stack selected by many companies. Go figure, demand for .NET people has steadily grown. With all this, .NET Developers are becoming harder to find.  Companies are struggling to figure out why they used to be able to find [...]