How to Introduce Artificial Intelligence at Your Company

We have had countless conversations with CIOs, technical directors, and IT directors about the future. These days. It seems most conversations end up talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI and machine learning are the next big things in the corporate world. Executives and leaders are now embracing the idea of advanced technology to maximize their efficiency. Of course, even entertaining the idea of artificial intelligence and machine learning means to invest in new directions. Roles and responsibilities of employees are bound to change. In fact, the entire organizational structure of firms requires a redo. Here’s how to [...]

What Do Big Data Scientist Do?

Becoming a data scientist has become one of the most exciting jobs in information technology today. It is a job that is in high demand. People are curious about what it exactly is and what data scientists actually do. There is a misconception about what exactly the job of data scientist is. This is because unlike other jobs, there is no standard definition explaining this profession. Data scientists are often confused with data analyst and data engineers, but in reality, there is quite a lot separating these fields. A data scientist has knowledge and experience from different digital and [...]

Why Big Data Needs to Revolutionize Healthcare

Big Data has great potential to improve our lives and make the world a better place, and there is perhaps no better example than the uses we are finding for it within health care. Throughout the last decade the world has seen dramatic advances in both the quantity and quality of the data we collect and generate, according to Forbes. In addition, we’ve also greatly improved our ability to analyze the data we collect and generate. When these trends collide, you get Big Data, a key tool helping the healthcare industry become more effective, efficient and accurate. Big Data [...]

The Rise of Data Analytics Degrees

Today’s companies have access to more data than ever before, and most are starting to take notice that investing in data analytics can lead to positive business outcomes. To respond to this uptick in demand, universities around the country are beginning to ramp up analytics degrees and certifications. Landing a spot in one of these programs is quite difficult because competition is at a peak and shows no signs of slowing down. On the plus side, more universities are beginning to offer degrees in data analytics and data science. As an example, Georgia Institute of technology announced recently that it [...]

All the Talk About Vaccines; We Are Asking the Wrong Questions

The issues and questions wrapped up in the “vaccinate or not” debate are reaching an unprecedented high this week. Outbreaks of previously ‘dead’ diseases are bringing these debates back to the bright lights of mainstream media. From Facebook to CNN, articles arguing for and against vaccination are rampant, and everyone who writes and shares these articles has a detailed, emotional argument. It is an issue easy to argue from the desk chair, typing away, secure in an idea of how things are. But out in the real world, for parents, the issue becomes much more messy. Nearly a year [...]