Things to Consider before Signing that MSP Contract

Signing up with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a big commitment. There is a trend underway where more companies are turning to MSPs.  With expanded services and products offerings, it is increasingly a good idea for a company to use an MSP. Still there are long commitments and potentially thousands of dollars a month. Companies need to look past the sales pitches and consider the finer point of the contracts before signing the dotted line. Here are some insider tips from individuals who work with MSP contracts and services. Measuring Downtime How does the vendor measure downtime? Does [...]

What Do Big Data Scientist Do?

Becoming a data scientist has become one of the most exciting jobs in information technology today. It is a job that is in high demand. People are curious about what it exactly is and what data scientists actually do. There is a misconception about what exactly the job of data scientist is. This is because unlike other jobs, there is no standard definition explaining this profession. Data scientists are often confused with data analyst and data engineers, but in reality, there is quite a lot separating these fields. A data scientist has knowledge and experience from different digital and [...]

AWS vs. Azure – Which One Is Better for You

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are cloud service providers that have revolutionized the IT and tech industry exponentially. Cloud storage companies, like these two, have touched millions of lives and have changed the competitive landscape of various IT companies. AWS and Azure each have strong features and have enough market share to prove they will be players in the cloud computing market for some time. Still, there are differences between AWS and Azure that are worth pointing out. Let's compare AWS vs Azure. Considering that AWS has been around for the last ten years or so, it [...]

Top Cloud Computing Tech Jobs

The advent of cloud technology has revolutionized the IT enterprise. It brings along new opportunities for growth in the industry and a steady influx of new jobs in the market. This sounds like great news for those who aim to work for an IT company. However, since the IT industry requires a specialized and streamlined workforce there are some high tier positions that top the rest. Here are the top cloud computing jobs in 2018. Cloud Architect The architectural aspect of cloud computing refers to the main components and sub-components that it comprises of. Distinctly, some of these components [...]