8 Skills That Every Employer Wants

Are you looking for a new job opportunity? Then you must create a strong profile reflecting the type of skills, educational background, and experience that a potential employer will require. Most candidates talk more extensively about their education, experience, and technical expertise when writing resumes. These are important but if you want your profile to stand out then you must also talk about your soft skills. Read on as we discuss some of the most important skills every employer wants in their employees. 1.   Adaptability According to research, 60 percent of employers consider adaptability to be an essential skill that [...]

How to Research a Company before Your Interview

Have you ever walked into an interview unprepared? Things can quickly go south when this happens. Given how difficult it has become to manage a face to face interview with most companies these days, you must research a company before your interview. Most candidates will run a preliminary search on a company before their interview. However, this may not be sufficient. Remember, the more informed you are about the company, the easier it becomes to stand out among other applicants. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can research a company before an interview. Let’s begin. [...]

You May Regret Taking that Counter Offer [Infographic]

You May Regret Taking that Counter Offer No Trust Left You Should Not Have to Quit to Get a Raise They are now trying to Replace You It’s Only a Short-Term Solution https://decideconsulting.com/why-you-may-regret-taking-that-counter-offer/

Top 5 STEM Careers for 2020

A STEM career (short for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) comes with an abundance of possibilities. Thousands of professions fall into this category. From being an accountant to being a zoologist, the list of STEM jobs is endless. People that opt for STEM careers can end up changing the world. These jobs also offer the chance to earn a high salary while doing meaningful work. There is immense potential for professional growth as well.  Read on as we discuss the highest paying jobs in STEM industries. 1.   Software Developer Medial Annual Salary: $70,868 - $110,590 A software developer is [...]

7 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Say You Are OVERQUALIFIED [Infographic]

7 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Say You Are “OVERQUALIFIED” 1. Employer Is Concerned You Will Not Do Menial Tasks 2. You Are Too Old in Their Eyes 3. Management Is Concerned You Will Get Bored 4. You Are Asking for a Lot of Money 5. You Came Off As Arrogant 6. Management Thinks You Are Taking This as a Stopgap 7. Your Skills and Background are a Threat to Existing Management https://decideconsulting.com/7-reasons-why-hiring-managers-say-you-are-overqualified/