Technology Spotlight: Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

Considering the recent wave of disasters, organizations have put contingency plans in place to deal with them. Organizations now want to deal with disasters in a manner, which safeguards their best interests, without requiring a major upheaval. Companies need to consider what they need to do for disaster recovery and business continuity. While they cross over quite a bit, disaster recovery and business continuity are not the same. When it comes to planning for disaster recovery, businesses are confronted by two different methods – Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Planning. There is a basic difference between both of these [...]

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Your Mouse is Dead. New Interfaces are Coming!

First, it was punch cards, before the next wave of technological advancement brought us the mouse and keyboard. If truth be told, the kind of systems and tools that we use for engaging with our computers are very much responsible for allowing us to build a modern world around us. When we talk about those tools and systems, we sure have come a very long way. But when we talk about UI (User Interfaces), the means we use to interact with our computer systems, it’s only now that we have started to see advancement in this department over time. New [...]

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AWS vs. Azure – Which One Is Better for You

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are cloud service providers that have revolutionized the IT and tech industry exponentially. Cloud storage companies, like these two, have touched millions of lives and have changed the competitive landscape of various IT companies. AWS and Azure each have strong features and have enough market share to prove they will be players in the cloud computing market for some time. Still, there are differences between AWS and Azure that are worth pointing out. Let's compare AWS vs Azure. Considering that AWS has been around for the last ten years or so, it [...]

10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters

Ask any talented IT pro about recruiters, and you’ll likely hear the same stories and complaints: “He tried to hard sell me to take a job in Florida – 800 miles away after I indicated I was only looking for local work.” “She made the job sound like a dream – but it ended up being a nightmare instead”. “I went to an interview and never heard from him again”. “LOL, I am not taking a 10K pay cut so you can earn a commission”. What makes the process so challenging, and why do so many skilled technical professionals [...]

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10 Things IT and Tech Managers Hate about Recruiters

Most CIOs, CTOs and IT managers dislike IT and Tech Recruiters. They have good reasons to. While the good ones can make life better for the CIO, CTO and IT Manger, the bad ones make life annoying.  Unfortunately many IT and tech recruiters focus more on quantity over quality, which makes the CIO, CTO and IT manger pay the price. Ten Things Tech Managers Hate in Software and Technology Recruiters While a great recruiter might have a few flaws that drive you a bit crazy, hopefully most of your dealings with them help you improve the process of finding [...]

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