Healthcare IT entries

Why Big Data Needs to Revolutionize Healthcare

Big Data has great potential to improve our lives and make the world a better place, and there is perhaps no better example than the uses we are finding for it within health care. Throughout the last decade the world has seen dramatic advances in both the quantity and quality of the data we collect and generate, according to Forbes. In addition, we’ve also greatly improved our ability to analyze the data we collect and generate. When these trends collide, you get Big Data, a key tool helping the healthcare industry become more effective, efficient and accurate. Big Data [...]

The Necessity of Electronic Health Records for mHealth

Electronic Health Records are a facet of healthcare that are finally being widely accepted. A mid-2013 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services noted that over half of the doctors in the U.S. were using EHRs. This is good news for the mobile healthcare realm, as mobile healthcare technology often makes use of EHRs. There are still health professionals, however, who have not adopted EHR use, and EHRs can also leave patients with concerning questions. What is it that makes an Electronic Health Record a necessity in the healthcare world today? First of all, health records are [...]

Google & Genomes – the mHealth connection

There are many disorders today that are not infections or viruses, but genome issues. Treatment and prevention of these diseases is limited by the fact that genome research is such a massive field. Disorders such as Autism, Alzheimers, and Down Syndrome are a result of DNA structuring. As such, treatment and prevention cannot be approached through the normal pharmaceutical routes; genome research is necessary to discover the approach that will work.  The human genome is the DNA code that makes up a person. Over 25000 genes make up the genome, and each one makes a difference. Just a slight mutation [...]

The Walmart Method and Healthcare

Walmart has successfully figured out the processes of predictive analysis. It begins with data collection. Thanks to their RetailLink software, Walmart and its suppliers are able to access information about their products on a wide scale. In depth information about sales is all at their fingertips. RetailLink records every sale in every Walmart in the world. It holds information on such a microscopic level that there are companies who specialize in educating Walmart’s suppliers. Courses and consultants abound for the RetailLink software, helping the suppliers figure out how to find and interpret meaningful data from the massive RetailLink database. Data [...]

mHealth and the Data Age

As we settle into the new year, a constant remains from 2014. We are still in a data-focused age, an epoch of innovation and information. We are focused on effective solutions and any method that will achieve that end. Television, radio, and especially the internet are all filled with advertisements and individuals claiming to have obtained new information, pushed a new limit, and achieved a new level of excellence. Sometimes this ingenuity is just jargon, but often it is the work of intelligent people unearthing creative answers. In the case of Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong it is an interesting and optimistic [...]