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Effective Ways for Luring Tech Talent to Your Company [Infographic]

Effective Ways for Luring Tech Talent to Your Company Sell the Culture of Your Company Sell How You Use Technology Emphasize Your Company Core Values Sell Your Employee Perks Offer to Send Tech Talent to Training Act Fast When You Find Someone Are you finding it harder to locate the good technical and IT talent? Many companies find them selves in the same situation. There are some better ways to locate and attract the right it and technical people to your company. Contact us to learn more.

Why do You Want to Work Here [Infographic]

Answering “Why do You Want to Work Here?” Sub Topics: Talk about the Culture Talk about the Company History Talk about the Current Projects Talk about Your Personal Goals Do Some Research

More Cost Cutting Tips for CIOs [Infographic]

More Cost Cutting Tips for CIOs Move to Shared Services - A third party is often cheaper Get Budget Opinions from Colleagues Take Inventory of Hardware & Software - Be surprised what you do not need Review Contracts - Are you paying too much for services? Do you Really need 99.9999% Uptime? - is 99.9 good enough? Review Vendors - are they getting too cozy?

Phone Interview Tips Tech People [Infographic]

Phone Interview Tips for Tech People Plan Your Location - Somewhere quiet with good reception Let the Interviewer ask the Full Question - Watch the cross-talk Don’t Pause Too Long After Every Question - They may think you are looking things up Keep your Resume in front of you - You want to look at the same thing they are Speak Clearly and Don’t Ramble

What a 3.8% Unemployment means to IT and Technology [Infographic]

What a 3.8% Unemployment Rate Means to Tech Talent 1- IT & Tech Talent Is in Demand 2- Tech Talent Is Enjoying High Wages 3- Tech Talent Is Getting Better Perks 4- Tech Talent Gets More Inquiries in Their Services 5- Companies Need to Hire Tech Talent Faster 6- You Need the Right Environment & Culture Read More: Changes to DACA, H1-B Make Tech Recruiting a Challenge >> Read More: 3 Tips for Navigating the Tech Talent Shortage >> Read More: Practical Reasons you Cannot Find .NET Developers >> Read More: Why Is It Harder to Find Talent [...]