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How to Break In to an AI Job – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Topic: How to Break In to an AI Job Sub Topic: AI Skills are Hot. Here are Some Hints to Develop AI Skills Take Googles Free AI Course - Learn what they teach in Silicon Valley Other Free Online Material - Check Out Coursera and EDX. Excellent Material Study AI Software Tools - Azure Machine Learning, Rainbird, TensorFlow, AWS - Pick one and go! Read all you can - Set up Google Alerts on your favorite AI topic Hello World - Find a small work problem that can have AI applied to it. Do it! Read More: INFOGRAPHIC - [...]

7 Questions to Make the Company Want to Hire You – INFOGRPAHIC

Ask These 7 Questions in an Interview to Make the Company Want to Hire You Sub: 7 questions to improve your chances of getting an offer Why did you take the Job Here? What do the Most Successful People Here Do? What is the Background of Star Performers? Do You Have Any Hesitations about Me? What are the Must-Have Attributes? What are the Current Opportunities the Company Has? What are the Next Steps? Your Hired! Read More: Ace that IT Interview Part 1 >> Read More: Ace that IT Interview Part 2 >> Read More: IT Recruiting Tip: How [...]

Your Next IT Job – Contract or Full-Time? – INFOGRAPHIC

Title: Contract or Full-Time? Subtitle: What Should Your Next IT Job Be? Pros of Contract: Flexibility You Get Paid for Every Hour No Politics Tax Benefits Cons of Contract: Less Security No Benefits Pay for you Insurance Pay Your Own Taxes No Upward Growth Pros of Full Time: Benefits Paid Time Off Career Path Someone Investing in You Cons of Full Time: Less Cash Is it Stable? Part of a Team Simpler Taxes

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Tech Skills Gap – INFOGRAPHIC

Title: Tech Skills Gap Sub Title: Improve Your Odds of Finding Good Tech Talent Consider a Contractor - Expands your talent pool - Save on Benefits Define Your Must Haves - What skills do you have to have? - What skills can live without or train someone on? Get Informed - What is the current demand? - What are other companies offering? Be Flexible Be willing to comprise on something Move Quickly Do not spread out the interview process Make interviewing a priority

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5 Things to Expect About the IoT [INFOGRPAHIC]

TITLE: 5 Things to Expect About the IoT Key Point: A Massive Explosion of Connected Devices - 2017 we had 17B IoT devices - in 2025 expect 70B IoT devices Smart Cities and Public Infrastructure - Sensors, cameras, phones, Kiosk will all be used together Increasing Demand for AI - with 70B IoT devices, AI is needed to work with the data Threat of Hackers - 70B IoT devices = 70B entranes for hackers Increased Home Use - Home Assistants will increase in number and ability

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