Interview Tips for Information Technology Professionals

7 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Say You Are “OVERQUALIFIED”

Have you been working in the software or IT industry for many years? You must have come across situations where you were rejected for a job because you were ‘overqualified’. Being rejected for being overqualified for a position is equivalent to being dumped by someone who says ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. Such rejections simply translate to the notion that ‘you are so tremendously experienced that we cannot bear to have you on our time right now’. It can be really discouraging for candidates, especially in the IT and software sectors. But, aren’t qualifications and experience always a plus [...]

How to Do a Better Video Interview

Recruiting practices and processes have changed a lot over the years. Thanks to the internet, tests and interviews are now conducted online to find the most suitable candidates for the job. This has made the entire process more convenient and flexible, both for the recruitment team as well as the candidates. Candidates can take their tests and interviews from virtually any location in the world. It prevents them from losing the opportunity of a lifetime just because they are not able to travel to the interview location. If you are in the IT or software industry and have been [...]

How to Know if a Corporate Culture is Right for You [Infographic]

What to Do When You Have Two Strong Tech Candidates How to Know if a Corporate Culture is Right for You The Décor of the Office Space - Is it Bland or Hip? What does the Website Say? - When was it last updates? - What do they talk about? What does the News and Social Media say? - Are they on Social Media? Is it asctive? - Any news about them? How are the People Dressed? - Suits and ties or casual? - slacks or jeans? Is there food around? - Vending machines or something healthy? Question the [...]

10 Common Interview Questions You Need to Know

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. The anxiety before the interview escalates even more when you start worrying about what questions the interviewer is going to ask. There isn’t any standardized list of questions that the interviewer goes through during an interview. A lot of what gets asked depends on the kind and the level of job you are applying for. The mindset of the interviewer, the job description and your resume details play a huge role in determining what kind of questions you will be asked in the interview. You cannot determine the first one, i.e. the mindset of [...]

Why do You Want to Work Here [Infographic]

Answering “Why do You Want to Work Here?” Sub Topics: Talk about the Culture Talk about the Company History Talk about the Current Projects Talk about Your Personal Goals Do Some Research