“As we are experiencing the ‘Great Resignation’, many people are re-evaluating what they want in a job and where they are doing it. Companies are trying to keep up with the trends as well. We are updating one of our past entries with some additional information related to current hiring trends.”

10 Best IT tech Job Search SitesA common technique for Information Technology workers to find their next employment opportunity is job sites and job boards. While job boards may not have the relevancy they once had, they are still an important meeting ground between employers, recruiters, IT contractors and technology workers. Here are the 10 best IT and technology job search sites so your company can make the best choice on posting your IT and technology jobs or searching for the best IT and technology jobs.

There are still thousands of companies listing opportunities and technology jobs. Many of the better jobs boards now blend the social media component with the work and job board features. A combination that makes it easier for technology employer, IT recruiter and candidate to all meet.

In our listing of the best IT and technology job boards, we considered website traffic, unique visitors, the number of resumes or members, total number of jobs, total number of technology and information technology jobs and the number of companies listing jobs. Additionally, we polled over 100 Information Technology recruiters and asked them what their favorite job boards to use were and why. We have update the numbers for 2020.

1) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the clear front runner for IT and technology jobs. Recruiters use it. Companies are listed there. One can see who works at a company. It blends the social media and recruiting aspects. If you want to find IT and technology people, LinkedIn is the place to look. If you are a programmer, engineer, cloud specialist or other technology worker and want to be found, you can do so on LinkedIn.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: LinkedIn was the across-the-board favorite tool of recruiters we contacted. Those that didn’t use it regularly also spoke of how they used their “internal database” as their favorite tool. Those are not exactly the types of recruiters who will be around in 10 years.

Total Site Traffic: 991,000,000
Monthly Visitors: 42,000,000
Total Members or Visitors: 580,000,000
Total Jobs Listed: 12,000,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 3,400,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 20,000
Recruiter Rating: 9.9

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2) Indeed

Indeed’s method of posting jobs gives them the edge on total traffic volume. When it comes to posting a job, this cannot be ignored.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: Many recruiters are decreasing budgets from other job boards and redirecting dollars to Indeed.com.

Total Site Traffic: 414,000,000
Monthly Visitors: 24,000,000
Total Members or Visitors: 250,000,000
Total Jobs Listed: 55,000,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 2,200,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 92,000
Recruiter Rating: 8.9

3) Dice

Dice’s strategy has always been to focus on IT and technology jobs. That focus still makes them relevant. The resume database is exclusively technology-oriented.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: Many information technology recruiters are long-time users of Dice.com. This makes Dice.com relevant today. Several wondered for how much longer.

Total Site Traffic: 4,500,000
Monthly Visitors: 252,000
Total Members or Visitors: 2,000,000
Total Jobs Listed: 65,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 65,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 2,500
Recruiter Rating: 8.5

4) Monster

The grandfather of job boards sites. They still have a huge number of visits, jobs and resumes. IT and Technology jobs are only a portion of what they have posted.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: Like Dice, many information technology recruiters are long-time users of Dice.com. This till makes it relevant today. Also, like Dice.com, many recruiters wonder for how long they will use Monster.

Total Site Traffic: 24,310,000
Monthly Visitors: 5,850,000
Total Members or Visitors: 24,000,000
Total Jobs Listed: 5,000,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 92,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 9,000
Recruiter Rating: 8.2

5) CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is another huge database of jobs and resumes. It boasts better searching criteria than some of it’s competitors. CareerBuilder is one of the pricier options for employers.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: Recruiters that use CareerBuilder seem dedicated to it and like it. Not many recruiters were considering moving to CareerBuilder as an option.

Total Site Traffic: 1,200,000
Monthly Visitors: 5,000,000
Total Members or Visitors: 45,000,000
Total Jobs Listed: 4,000,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 65,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 7,000
Recruiter Rating: 7.1

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6) The Ladders

TheLadders focuses on opportunities for upper-level executives and the c-suite. There are still several IT and technology jobs within their listings. There is not as much there for the less-experienced people.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: recruiters with a focus on Executive recruiting are loyal to TheLadders and seem like they will continue to use it.

Total Site Traffic: 4,380,000
Monthly Visitors: 118,000
Total Members or Visitors: 6,000,000
Total Jobs Listed: 500,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 50,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 1,500
Recruiter Rating: 6.4

7) StackOverflow

Any Information Technology worker who has any level of curiosity has spent time on Stackoverflow. It is a de-facto place for code samples, answers to tough questions and to get the pulse of newest technology trends. It only makes sense to combine jobs and opportunities with where the technical people spend time online.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: Many information technology recruiters have yet to use StackOverflow yet. While they haven’t done so, many expressed interest in looking into it.

Total Site Traffic: 370,000,000
Monthly Visitors: 8,400,000
Total Members or Visitors: 400,000
Total Jobs Listed: 25,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 25,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 750
Recruiter Rating: 5.8

8) GitHub

Similar to StackOverflow, this is where many developers spend their online time. GitHub is used for version control, hosting solutions, open source projects and project management. It is increasingly used as part of the software developer’s everyday routine. It only makes sense to combine job postings there

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: Like Stackoverflow, many information technology recruiters have yet to use Stackoverlfow yet. Many were unaware it was a place that one could use to search for IT workers. There was high interest in looking at it.

Total Site Traffic: 556,000,000
Monthly Visitors: 16,100,000
Total Members or Visitors: 29,000,000
Total Jobs Listed: 26,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 26,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 750
Recruiter Rating: 5.6

9) Crunchboard

Crunchboard is the official job board of TechCrunch. It is more well-known in Silicon Valley than other places.

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: It depends on where you are. Information Technology Recruiters who are related to Silicon Valley or other tech hubs are more inclined to use Crunchboard.

Total Site Traffic: 1,200,000
Monthly Visitors: 12,000,000
Total Members or Visitors: –
Total Jobs Listed: 20,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 20,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 500
Recruiter Rating: 4.7

10) Glassdoor

Glassdoor has an extensive database of company reviews, interview questions and salary information. If is typically populated by former employees. Often disgruntled ones. Googles has several pages of one star reviews. Seriously?

Summary of IT Recruiter Feedback: Companies that hire IT and technology people have limited budgets where to post their jobs. Glassdoor rarely made the list of active places technology recruiters use. Many had a negative view of glassdoor. One recruiter noted, “We don’t want to hire people who are going to complain about their last job. That is what glassdoor is full of.”

Total Site Traffic: 60,000,000
Monthly Visitors: 26500,000
Total Members or Visitors: 6,500
Total Jobs Listed: 320,000
Total Tech / IT Jobs Listed: 6,000
Total Companies Listing Jobs: 1,000
Recruiter Rating: 3.8

There are many other job search sites to choose from. If you think one should be on the list and is not, feel free to contact us.

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