Are you worried about losing your star technical talent leaving? Given the burgeoning pace at which the IT industry is developing, managers are constantly confronted with the possibility of their key people leaving the organization to pursue better opportunities.
In this article, we are going to talk about the top signs that your employee is going to quit and what you can do about it. Let’s get started.

1. Increased Absenteeism

A high absenteeism rate is a major sign that an employee is planning to quit. If you notice your star talent taking a casual leave in the middle of the week, then this could indicate they plan to leave the organization soon. In most cases, they are likely to take a day off before or after the weekend (Monday and Friday).
Increased absenteeism showcases an overall lack of commitment toward the job. If an employee wants to quit, they are less likely to be invested in the organization and it can come across in things such as taking too many leaves, not arriving to work on time and leaving earlier than usual.

2. They Quit Disagreeing with You

When an employee disagrees with you, it means they are actively engaged and passionate about what they do. On the other hand, lack of disagreement indicates detachment. If your star employees stop opposing your decisions and appear to comply with everything you have to say, it may be a sign they are planning to quit soon.
Once again, this is a result of their lack of investment in the company. An employee who’s planning to leave soon understands that they won’t be involved in key decisions taken by the management. They also understand that these decisions are unlikely to impact them in the future and hence, become disengaged.

3. Declining Projects and New Opportunities

Another major sign your employee is going to quit is when they start turning down new opportunities and do not want to be involved in new projects. New projects and opportunities signify a commitment.
An employee who wants to resign soon will avoid signing up on new projects because they are aware they will not be able to see them through. They may also be wary of getting tied down and being asked to delay their resignation until a project is complete.

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4. Missing Out on Team Activities

This is another warning sign to watch out for. Employees that plan to resign tend to stop participating in social activities. For instance, they might opt out of participating in fantasy football or joining the team at lunch.
When this happens, it may indicate that they are no longer interested in fostering work relationships. If you notice an employee who was previously engaged in team activities slowly withdrawing, then you may need to sit down and have a chat with them about their plans.

What Can You Do About It?

Finding high-quality talent in the IT industry has become increasingly difficult. With increased hiring costs and slow onboarding processes, no manager wants their star employees to leave the organization.

If you suspect that one of your key people is going to resign, then you should ask them about it upfront. Try and find out why they want to switch to another organization and ask them what you can do to change their mind. For instance, is there something about their current work that they are not happy with? In most cases, top talents leave because of the following reasons:

  • They don’t find the work challenging anymore
  • They do not agree with the company’s management philosophy
  • They are denied opportunities that can advance their career
  • They do not feel valued and are disengaged
  • They find the company’s policies to be too rigid
  • They are unable to establish a healthy work-life balance

If you notice any signs suggesting your employee is going to quit, then you need to understand their career goals and what the organization can do to help achieve them. Draw up a career advancement plan that allows your top talents to pursue their professional goals in a systemic manner. You may also want to provide them with more flexibility and change workplace policies to ensure optimal work-life balance. This will keep your employees happy, motivated, and engaged and ensure low employee turnover.

If you want to retain your star employees, then making them feel valued is the first step. It can help you establish a healthy working relationship with them that improves their productivity and benefits the organization.

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