Hot IT Jobs In Houston in 2019

As a fresh graduate, planning a career can be daunting but also very, very exciting. For a computer science degree holder, setting foot in a booming job market is a journey filled with prospects and opportunities. Whether you want to implement your recently learned Java skills, play around with codes and build web-based applications, or become a professional cyber-security engineer, here are the hottest IT jobs in 2019 for a promising and successful career. 1.    Cyber-Security Engineer As the name goes, a cyber-security engineer works on the front lines of a company or government organization. Their primary role is [...]

Hot Job – SDET

SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) professionals are a hybrid combination of software testers and developers. Currently in exceptionally high demand, the most capable SDETs in the USA work in companies like Cardtronics, The Testing Consultancy, and Baker Hughes. But, what does it take to become a professional SDET? What are some skills and expertise that can steer you towards this profession? From the biggest mega-tech industries to the smallest start-up businesses, everyone needs SDETs to develop core applications and participate in their testing. Clearly, a lot goes into the making of a professional SDET. This profession requires unmatched technical [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – May 2019

IT and Technology Jobs Report May 2019 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* May 2019: 1.8% Apr 2019: 2.4% May 2018 (last year): 1.7% Total IT and Tech Jobs* May 2019: 5,308,000 Apr 2019: 5,175.000 May 2018 (last year): 5,053,000 US Economy Jobs Added May 2019: 75,000 Apr 2019: 263,000 May 2018 (last year): 270,000 US Unemployment Rate May 2019: 3.6% Apr 2019: 3.6% May 2018 (last year):  3.8% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 92% of SMN CEOs expect the same or increased revenues in the coming 12 months Source: Vistage CEO Survey

Hot Job – .NET Developer

There is no shortage of employers looking to hire, bring on and train .NET developers. Since its inception, Microsoft’s .NET Framework has been gained immense popularity. That demand and popularity has only increased. This is one reason why more and more developers are leaning towards programming languages like C#. Moreover, .NET Core – one of the most widely used development stacks also used by .NET native and ASP.NET— is becoming faster, which will likely increase the demand for capable .NET developers. Clearly, .NET is one of the hottest jobs out there, and will expand in every industry very soon. [...]

Benefits of a Virtual CISO [Infographic]

Benefits of a Virtual CISO over a Full-Time CISO You Need a CISO if: • You Hold customer data • You interact with third party APIs • You do not want these breached Making your Own CISO is expensive • Training • Certification • Takes time from Current Job Is it Full Time? • Not every company needs full time CISO Skip The Politics • Virtual CISO can focus only on security They are hard to Find • CISO is a very in-demand job Are you finding it harder to locate the good technical and IT talent? Many [...]