Why It’s Harder to Recruit IT and Software People

We talk to our customers and prospects daily about finding good, quality IT and software people. Everyone is arriving at the same conclusion - it is getting harder to find those high caliber IT and Software people to join your company. Some will respond with “no kidding?’. There is an obviousness to the statement. But even to those who want to dismiss it, we challenge that most IT hiring managers are still underestimating the tech skills gap. Here are a few numbers to put things in perspective: According to Code.org, there are 500,000 open IT and software job in the [...]

Houston IT Market Facts – Software Developers [INFOGRPAHIC]

Houston IT Market Facts - Software Developers Summer 2019 Houston employed 18,098 Software Developers  3,449 .NET Developers 1,911 Java Developers 3,720 Architects 1,826 Front End 2,810 Full Stack Developers Gender Makeup of Houston Software Developer  12% Female 88% Male Experience Breakdown of the Houston Software Developers:  15% 0 – 5 years 25% 6 – 10 years 32% 11- 15 years 18% 16 – 20 years 10% 21+ Favorite Programming Languages  C# PHP Java Javascript Angular React Python SQL 28% Have a post graduate degree 84% Have a college Degree 16% have no degree Average Developer Tenure is 43 Months

Hot Job – Scrum Master

There’s a huge demand for a highly-skilled Scrum Masters in Houston. If you think you are a suitable candidate, there are plenty of options for you out there. You are probably being contact by recruiters regularly. If you’re still wondering what a scrum master does, we’ll help you out. We’re taking a detailed look at scrum masters, their job responsibilities, skill requirements and more. Take a look at the following to find out everything you need to about becoming a scrum master: Typical Background Scrum masters are the major facilitators for implementing all appropriate scrum practices in the development [...]

Hot Job – DevOps Engineer

As more businesses are focused on developing apps and software programs which can complement their services and improve their work. With the help of a DeveOps engineer, businesses can streamline how they work with software and enhance their productivity. If you want to learn more about the job, earning capacity and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer in Houston, we can help you out. The following is what you need to know about this lucrative career option: Typical Background Development Operation engineers, also known as DevOps engineers are quickly becoming a vital part of most organizations that focus on cloud [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – August 2019

IT and Technology Jobs Report August 2019 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* August 2019: 1.5% July 2019: 1.3% August 2018 (last year): 2.5% Total IT and Tech Jobs* August 2019: 5,682,000 July 2019: 5,578,000 August 2018 (last year): 5,118,000 US Economy Jobs Added August 2019: 130,000 July 2019: 164,000 August 2018 (last year): 282,000 US Unemployment Rate August 2019: 3.7% July 2019: 3.7% August 2018 (last year): 3.8% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 13% of SMB CEOs expect improved economic conditions while 35% expect the national economy to worsen in the year ahead. Source: Vistage CEO Survey [...]