How to Introduce Artificial Intelligence at Your Company

We have had countless conversations with CIOs, technical directors, and IT directors about the future. These days. It seems most conversations end up talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI and machine learning are the next big things in the corporate world. Executives and leaders are now embracing the idea of advanced technology to maximize their efficiency. Of course, even entertaining the idea of artificial intelligence and machine learning means to invest in new directions. Roles and responsibilities of employees are bound to change. In fact, the entire organizational structure of firms requires a redo. Here’s how to [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – February 2019

   IT and Technology Jobs Report February 2019 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* Feb 2019: 2.3% Jan 2019: 2.4% Feb 2018 (last year): 2.5% Total IT and Tech Jobs* Feb 2019: 5,392,000 Jan 2019: 5,139,000 Feb 2018 (last year): 5,283,000 US Economy Jobs Added Feb 2019: 20,000 Jan 2019: 304,000 Feb 2018 (last year): 330,000 US Unemployment Rate Feb 2019: 3.8 Jan 2019: 4.0% Feb 2018 (last year):  4.1% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics SMB CEO confidence Index in economy plunges from 103 to 95.4 in Q4 2018 Source: Vistage CEO Survey  

How to Know if a Corporate Culture is Right for You [Infographic]

What to Do When You Have Two Strong Tech Candidates How to Know if a Corporate Culture is Right for You The Décor of the Office Space - Is it Bland or Hip? What does the Website Say? - When was it last updates? - What do they talk about? What does the News and Social Media say? - Are they on Social Media? Is it asctive? - Any news about them? How are the People Dressed? - Suits and ties or casual? - slacks or jeans? Is there food around? - Vending machines or something healthy? Question the Employees [...]

Benefits of a virtual CISO over a full-time CISO

Benefits of a virtual CISO over hiring a full-time CISO It doesn't take much these days to realize cyber security is a big topic. We can hardly go a week without hearing about a cyberattack on the latest high-profile target. Facebook, Adobo, Panera and Sony are some recent companies that had some big, high-profile breaches. Companies with lots of users, servers or sensitive data need to evaluate their risk position when it comes to cybersecurity. This quickly becomes a conversation about whether to hire a Chief Information Security Officer, CISO. There are a lot of companies out there with [...]

Why a Managed SOC Saves Critical Time and Money

Companies of all sizes are catching on that they need to pay more attention to security. When they realize they need to invest, the concept of a Security Operation Center (SOC) will soon come up. Companies can put in their own SOCs or work with a third party with a Managed SOC. This article explains some benefits of a managed SOC. You Need to Separate your NOC from your SOC Many companies do not have an independent Security Operation Center (SOC). A common theme is they have the network engineers do additional task. Some companies can get away with [...]