How to Break In to an AI Job – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Topic: How to Break In to an AI Job Sub Topic: AI Skills are Hot. Here are Some Hints to Develop AI Skills Take Googles Free AI Course - Learn what they teach in Silicon Valley Other Free Online Material - Check Out Coursera and EDX. Excellent Material Study AI Software Tools - Azure Machine Learning, Rainbird, TensorFlow, AWS - Pick one and go! Read all you can - Set up Google Alerts on your favorite AI topic Hello World - Find a small work problem that can have AI applied to it. Do it! Read More: INFOGRAPHIC - [...]

Growth Challenge for SMBs – Hiring Your First Web Developer

Consider this common scenario many growing small and medium sized business (SMB) face. An SMB with $25 million yearly revenues will likely have a CRM system, accounting software, and an operational software package. They must have a website that they maintain in a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal. At some point these companies will have to add functionality to their site, integrate their separate systems, and provide some reporting to the management. This is when growing SMBs realize they need to hire your first web developer. For a growing company not used to hiring technical and IT [...]

Your Mouse is Dead. New Interfaces are Coming!

First, it was punch cards, before the next wave of technological advancement brought us the mouse and keyboard. If truth be told, the kind of systems and tools that we use for engaging with our computers are very much responsible for allowing us to build a modern world around us. When we talk about those tools and systems, we sure have come a very long way. But when we talk about UI (User Interfaces), the means we use to interact with our computer systems, it’s only now that we have started to see advancement in this department over time. New [...]

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7 Questions to Make the Company Want to Hire You – INFOGRPAHIC

Ask These 7 Questions in an Interview to Make the Company Want to Hire You Sub: 7 questions to improve your chances of getting an offer Why did you take the Job Here? What do the Most Successful People Here Do? What is the Background of Star Performers? Do You Have Any Hesitations about Me? What are the Must-Have Attributes? What are the Current Opportunities the Company Has? What are the Next Steps? Your Hired! Read More: Ace that IT Interview Part 1 >> Read More: Ace that IT Interview Part 2 >> Read More: IT Recruiting Tip: How [...]

Effective Ways for Luring Tech Talent to Your Company

With the advent of digital business platforms, hiring IT and tech talent has become a necessity for the corporate world. As it turns out, hiring such a talent is not as easy as one might expect it to be. Finding and hiring a software engineer, DevOps engineer, data scientist, or web developer that will suit the interests of your company becomes very hard if your business is just starting or is an SMB. Today, SMBs need tech talent that can become their greatest asset and give them an edge over their competitors. In a competitive world like ours, finding the [...]

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