10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters [Infographic]

10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters 1) You’ve exaggerated the job 2) You didn't read my resume 3) No Feedback I went on the interview. Give me some feedback. 4) You sent my resume where? You need to tell me where my resume is going 5) Too many steps in the interview process 6) You do not understand the role Your questions tell me you are in over your head 7) Do not ask me to take a pay cut 8) Do not ask me to move 9) You are not even in this country How can [...]

What Happens During a Cybersecurity Assessment?

When most people think of cybersecurity, they think of anti-virus and firewalls. While that is part of cybersecurity, it is equivalent to thinking of a tire or a windshield when thinking about an automobile. Cybersecurity is the comprehensive ability of an organization to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyberincidents. These cyberincidents have the potential to damage brand integrity through data loss or leakage. Cybersecurity assessments are an important compoent to any greater cybersecurity strategy. This article discusses what happens in a cybersecurity asessment. A Cybersecurity Posture Assessment is standardized process used to define, evaluate, assess and document [...]

Monthly IT and Technology Jobs Report – October 2018

TITLE:  IT and Technology Jobs Report October 2018 Unemployment Rate for IT and Tech Jobs* Oct 2018: 2.1% Sept 2018: 2.0% Oct 2017 (last year): 2.5% Total IT and Tech Jobs* Oct 2018: 5,135,000 Sept 2018: 5,028,000 Oct 2017 (last year): 4,818,000 US Economy Jobs Added Oct 2018: 250,000 Sept 2018: 134,000 Oct 2017 (last year):  271,000 US Unemployment Rate Oct 2018: 3.7% Sept 2018: 3.7 Oct 2017 (last year): 4.1% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 47% of firms reported that they boosted wages or benefits to attract top talent. Source: Vistage CEO Survey

Cybersecurity Best Practices

People often tend to think of cybersecurity as only an IT function, such as network security, or like a firewall or having antivirus on a computer.  Cybersecurity is driven at the organization level. It is composed of culture, behavior, goals, priorities and then protections, procedures and verification. Cybersecurity best practices are much more than at the IT level. Cybersecurity starts at the top with the executives and trickle down to management. Management needs to articulate plans to the technical architects, engineers, analysts and tools.  On the executive level, cybersecurity needs to be a business strategy. In the IT ranks, [...]

Cost Cutting Techniques for CIOs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cost Cutting Techniques for CIOs 1) Move to Shared Services Do you need to host things yourself? 2) Get a Budget Opinion Get ideas from peers 3) Software Inventory Are you paying for duplicate software? 4) Hardware Inventory Is there stuff you do not need? 5) Review Contracts You never know what you may find 6) Review Uptime Do you really need to pay for 99.9999 or is 99.9 good enough? 7) Review Vendors Don’t let them get comfy. 8) Are you paying Too Much? Are there high dollar consultants around? https://decideconsulting.com/top-8-cost-cutting-techniques-for-cios/ Read More: 7 Question to ask an [...]