How to Write an Amazing Job Interview Thank you email

One doesn’t usually think about this, but writing back to an organization after an interview may strengthen your case for getting the job. It demonstrates a strong interest in the job as it lets the company know that they count; they’re not just another company in your list of applications. It also lets them know that you are eager to get a reply. It is a good idea to write a thank you emailThe person who took your Job interview may need a little reassurance that you care about the job and he/she may find that in your thank you [...]

How to Write a Cover Letter that Stands out

Writing a good Cover Letter is like putting the icing on a cake. It will make you stand out. The meat of it all is below the surface, but you have to present the cake in a way that pleases the audience otherwise you shouldn’t bother at all. A stand out Cover Letter tells the employer a little more than the technical information that is listed in your Resume. It gives the employer a better look into your thinking process, your psyche and what you want to achieve in the company you’re applying to. This is why it’s important to [...]

How to know if a corporate culture is right for you

If you’re being hired for a position or even if you’re interested in a position at a tech firm, you should evaluate their corporate culture. You need to know if a company’s corporate culture is right for you before taking a job. Corporate culture has a lot to do with the company’s philosophy and worldview. Most companies put flowery words and paint vistas of progress and ingenuity, however, their actions, controversies and milestones speak louder than words. The organizational culture at a company feeds in to what they think of their customers and employees and how they treat their employees. [...]

How to better answer Behavioral interview questions

There are a lot of interviewing techniques out there. There is debate on which techniques are the most effective. There is a body of research that say that no matter what questions you throw at a candidate, you can’t determine their true potential for a position in a short interview. A well-qualified candidate with all the skills necessary to pull off a great tenure at an organization can come off as nervous and incompetent while someone much less qualified can talk circles around the interviewers. Behavioral interview questions are designed to dive deep into a candidate and help the company [...]

Answering: Why do you want to Work here?

Choosing a company to work for is not easy. Most people usually settle for big names without much research because they don’t care as much about building their careers as much as they love money. However, a very common question that comes up in an interview is, “Why do you want to work here?” To answer this question you will most likely need more than a cursory knowledge of the company and its history. If the company is famous, almost everyone will know of its story and success. However, if it’s a small company, if you know more than the [...]