Staffing Success Story – Software Testing Company

 Client Problem: The client is an international company specializing in software testing. They were hired by a Fortune 50 Oil & Gas company which required them to open a Houston Location. They had success hiring in their native country, but knew it would be a challenge in the US. They fully recognized they had very high standards and a multi-phased, thorough interview process. The quality standard they had for hires is a critical reason for their success. Changing that was not an option. The client viewed the quality of hire as a competitive advantage.

“We talked to multiple companies looking for QA resources in the year since we opened our Houston office. Decide is the only company who came through with people we wanted and they did it again and again. They are onto something.”

Skill Sets Needed: Software Test Engineers, Software Test Architects, Testing Automation, DevOps, Agile

What made us different: Decide took the time to understand the rigid interview process which included design sessions, assessments, simulated work and even presentations. We eliminated candidates, while qualified on paper, that would not endure the client’s hiring process. Decide’s experience with our own Conclusive Hiring process enabled our recruiting team to relate to process.

How we found people: We recruited from our traditional boards and recruiting channels, internal databases, sourcing from competitors, identified companies who used similar technology stacks and pulled people from social media. Decide has a significant feed of people coming in from our candidate-attracting salary tools. Only individuals who worked our client-specific candidate-prep process were forwarded.

Outcome: The client hired 7 individuals from Decide over a one year period. This was the majority of their Houston team, with the rest coming from their overseas offices. Decide was not the only company they worked with to find people, but the only one they hired from. The competitors were unable to find anyone that met their high standards.

Consultants Placed:Below represent the profiles of individuals placed

Schools attended
University of Texas
Louisiana State University
Villanova University
Miami University

Masters Computer Science
Bachelors Quantitative Business Analysis
Applied Sciences / Systems Analysis

Average Base Salary: $115K

Average Years Experience: 14 years

Test Director
Six Sigma

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