Cybersecurity Self Assessment

This online cybersecurity self-assessment will help you gauge your company’s exposure to cyber criminals and cyber-attacks. These are some common questions any cybersecurity assessment team will ask. They are not the only questions you will hear from any good team. There will be plenty of follow-up questions for each topic on an actual cybersecurity assessment or audit.

How to use this Online Cyber Assessment Tool

There are 25 questions ranging including topics such as:

  • Executive Commitment
  • Cybersecurity Frameworks
  • Patch management
  • Use of administrative privileges

A low score does not mean the cyber criminals are coming tonight. A high score does not mean you are safe forever. This is merely meant as a guidepost to give you and your team some thins to think about are you are mapping your company’s cybersecurity plan or to prepare for a cybersecurity audit.

What’s Next

We are often asked, “what’s next after this?” We recommend you review the topics with your security team and see if they have plans to incorporate the ideas. You are welcome to call us for a free consultation about your cybersecurity needs.