Low code tools are enabling companies everywhere to bring solutions to the forefront faster and cheaper. Sometimes there is a short-term need that has to be responded to in days, not weeks. Other times it is removing a headache(s). It can still be the entire solution. Today’s lo code tools are better than ever. They are making the lives of CTOs and CIOs easier and getting problems off their agenda.

What are your low-code success stories? Here are some that have been submitted to us. We want to hear yours.

New Orleans Vaccines

When vaccines were rolling out in early 2021, and people were waiting in line to get vaccinated, the City of New Orleans built a vaccine signup app using low code. Residents could check their eligibility for the vaccine, schedule appointments, follow up with their second dose and get reminders. The app was built using Quickbase. This was a rollout where something had to be done fast. There was not much notice, things were changing fast, vaccines were in short supply and they had a short shelf life. Low code tool enabled them to get this going quickly. Read More Here.

School Registration

The registrar’s office of a San Diego school built a workflow app that forwards forms with missing data to the parents and students. Each day they report on what percentage complete everything was filled out for the entire student body. School registration can a headache for parents and school administrations. This reduced confusion, eliminated repetitive tasks on both sides and got the school back to educating kids instead of following up on forms. They build this using airSlate. Read More Here.

Reducing Homelessness

A not-for-profit, HopeSource, is working to reduce homelessness. One of their tools is a low code app that tracks individuals check-in and who have received services available to them. When a person gets off the streets, they use another set of low code apps to monitor utilities, food delivery and work assignments. Before, they were paper and spreadsheets. They built the app using Zoho. Now they have data and can monitor who they are helping and their success rates. Read More Here.

San Antonio Relocation Assistance

As the COVID19 pandemic forced municipalities into economic lock-down with forced shelter in place orders, San Antonio’s Neighborhood & Housing Services Department (NHSD) had a problem.

Applications for rental, mortgage, utility, and relocation assistance skyrocketed from roughly 57 requests a week to over 2000. A company called Kinetech, using Mendix Low-code tools, delivered a beta-release in just seven days. Five days later, the application went live.

Immediately there were 100 submissions per hour. City leaders expanded the funding available for rental, mortgage, and utility assistance.  To date, Kinetech has assisted in distributing over $150 million to over 120,000 residents. Learn more about Kinetech’s GovTech Cloud.

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