Roles we Recruit: Applications Architect

Applications Architect Job Description:

The Applications Architect is the authority in the technology roadmap which supports your business applications. They bring very knowledgeable input in how the applications should be build, in this way establishing a solid technological foundation. It’s their responsibility to come up with solutions for the system architecture so your business requirements can be easily implemented. Their skills are mandatory if you want to build something right from the beginning and not to have to make major adjustments along the way.

An Applications Architect is the anchor that grounds the project for a subsequent exemplary take off. They design the strategic diagrams in alignment with the technological objective and project needs. They also set the standards for the code used in order to have a unified, easy to understand code throughout the entire system. Rest assured, an Applications Architect will continue to monitor each project ensuring there is always a way to add more functionalities if required. They are truly in charge of your portfolio of applications to attain peak operational velocity.

Applications Architect Key skills:

  • Application architecture, Database architecture and networking
  • Data model design, Integration design, SQL Server, Oracle
  • .NET Core, Microservices
  • C#, Microsoft SQL, HTML, JQuery, MVC, Angular, Bootstrap, Javascript
  • Cloud technologies, AWS, Azure, Docker, DevOps
  • Agile, Scrum, Git, Jira
  • REST Web services & API Experience
  • Web App, Web APIs, Web Services, Web API, WCF, oWASP

Applications Architect Salary:

  • Top 15%: $186,750
  • Middle: $131,750
  • Bottom 15%: $110,750