Roles we Recruit: Developer/Programmer Analyst

Developer/Programmer Analyst Job Description:

The Developer/Programmer Analyst is the person able to translate the business need into code, or at least talk code to the development team. All day, every day, their main focus is to analyse the current implementations to find issues that can be fixed or improved. They constantly come up with new solutions that ensure an elegant resolution for the system stability. Their expertise covers the examination of the written code according to best coding practices. In this way, they can streamline it and create new programs according to improved specifications.

A Developer/Programmer Analyst knows the system flow inside out and is not afraid to put it in complex diagrams. Thus, they can easily pinpoint any flaw with a major impact on the technical requirements of a project. You will want to have a Developer/Programmer Analyst in your team if you need someone to figure out functional issues and in the same time design solutions for them. They follow through during the entire process and closely monitor the changes made within the live environment.

Developer/Programmer Analyst Key skills:

  • Knowledge of SQL, Java, JavaScript, XML, HTML, .NET, PHP
  • Database design, Front and Back end programming
  • Visual representations, Software Development Life Cycle
  • Organisational and Collaboration Skills
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Developer/Programmer Analyst Salary:

  • Top 15%: $145,750
  • Middle: $102,750
  • Bottom 15%: $86,500