Roles we Recruit: Full-Stack Developer .NET

Full-Stack Developer .NET Job Description:

The Full-Stack Developer .NET is your valuable asset in getting you cutting edge internet applications developed. They pour their expertise into both the creation of new functionalities and the maintenance of the current system. A Full-Stack Developer .NET doesn’t shy away from reviewing code and ensuring its clean execution. Their skills of producing functional products gets translated into an inviting experience for the customer.

A Full-Stack Developer .NET contributes your company’s application evolution. They know to asses the current state of your company’s technology and then implement further features to make it valuable. Their knowledge extends to both the back-end and front-end areas of an application. You can say a Full-Stack Developer masters almost anything required to make your application work and look great. They have the patience to understand the inner-works of your product and take it to the next level.

Full-Stack Developer .NET Key skills:

  • NET, C#. NET, MSSQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • HTML, CSS, Angular, Git, Karma, Protactor
  • Web API (SOAP, REST), Web application architecture, WCF
  • Cloud platforms (AWS, Lamda, EBS, Azure)
  • SQL Server, Oracle
  • Agile, Scrum

Full-Stack Developer .NET Salary:

  • Top 15%: $187,250
  • Middle: $132,250
  • Bottom 15%: $101,250