Roles we Recruit: Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst Job Description:

The Systems Analyst is the person to rely on for support for your operating system. Day by day, they analyse and solve system complications to ensure frictionless operations. They gather requirements and actions required to solve the issues, covering all bases such as impact estimation and risk exposure. Documentation comes easy to a Systems Analyst as they are an expert in creating diagrams and workflows for business specifications. They can basically transmit through words and pictures what needs to be done to an entire department.

A Systems Analyst takes notice to all of the system intricacies and makes sure these are covered thoroughly in any new project. Their eyes can easily scan development requirements and observe if your system is prepared for the project or it needs changes. They support to the fullest extent any implementation from the beginning until post-delivery quality assurance testing. They are also the ones who will train users and make configurations to the system.

Systems Analyst Key skills:

  • Product and Project Management
  • Process Mapping and Presentation skills
  • Verbal and Written Skills
  • Business Analysis, Technical documentation, Object-oriented design
  • MSOffice, HTML
  • System development and implementation

Systems Analyst Salary:

  • Top 15%: $130,250
  • Middle: $92,250
  • Bottom 15%: $78,000