Roles we Recruit: Technical Lead

Technical Lead Job Description:

The Technical Lead mentors the development team and uses his expert programming skills. They are the ones who can juggle their day to day activities and constantly guide other team members. Give them complex implementation guidelines and they will detangle them into clean code easy to understand by anyone. The Technical Lead will perform: design, implementation, testing and successful deployment of the project together with the team. They are able to set the direction for the development of the projects and instruct their team whenever necessary.

A Technical Lead is the guardian of the code ensuring a bug free environment. It’s part of their routine to handle code reviews, in this way maintaining an overall streamlined format. When you have a Technical Lead in your company, your productivity increases because they will grow the other developers’ abilities. You will also get reports on a regular basis from a Technical Lead so you can monitor in real time any delays or escalations. Expect to have technical documentation up to date consistent with the business requirements.

Technical Lead Key skills:

  • SQL, ASP, XML, MSSQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, REST, Angular.Js, Note
  • Agile,Scrum
  • Cloud Technologies (Microsoft Azure)
  • Web security standards (SAML, ws-federation)
  • Architectural design patterns
  • Automated unit testing (JUnit, Spock)
  • Team building and leadership

Technical Lead Salary:

  • Top 15%: $130,250
  • Middle: $92,250
  • Bottom 15%: $78,000