Turn your software or app concept into a reality

It starts with an idea. You’ve thought of a software or app concept that can make a difference…fill a need…make an impact. You may be the first to come up with this idea or maybe just the first to apply it to your industry or company. How do you turn your software or app concept into a reality? How do you integrate it?

You talk to some programmers and they just ask for a spec document, but you are still at the concept stage. You talk to a software development company with millennials talking about Native vs HTML5 and wanting to charge you $25,000 for a document with a few nice pictures, but no meat.

What you want is a seasoned person to help you get to the point. You want to know what’s involved in getting your software or app to reality. You want to talk with someone who has designed many projects and can cut through the fluff and focus on the salient items. Someone who knows what the right questions are and is not afraid to ask the tough ones. Decide’s Software Exploration Sessions can get your concept on the road to reality.

Our Software Exploration Session blend research, consulting and technology expertise to:

  • Clarify your software / app plan by researching and validating available technology possibilities.
  • Helping you identify hurdles and obstacles.
  • Gain confidence to move forward with a detailed outline of your goals, planning strategy and business case studies.
  • Document your software concept and give you the steps to get there.

Decide’s Software Exploration Session turn a concept into a detailed plan so you can turn your concept into reality.

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