decide puts you in control. Whether you are in the midst of a custom .NET software project, integrating healthcare systems, looking to expand revenue streams or reign in a project, we can serve you. We improve the quality of the finished product, reduce the time to go-live and minimize project risks. decide is uniquely positioned with experienced professionals, and proprietary products. Our service offerings focus on:

Custom Application Development – Using our proprietary application, conclusion© , our consultants deliver custom-built Microsoft .NET software applications faster allowing our clients to reduce their software costs.

Software Process Improvement – This is beyond project management. What are the inefficiencies in the software development life cycle. It is easy to list out all the things a software company or IT department needs to do. The hard part is to know which ones to implement first.

HealthCare Practice – We have built extensive and deep experience in healthcare management systems. We can provide value to the clinics and practices, with feasibility studies and technology selection, and can serve the technology providers that serve those clinics and practices.

Software Revenue Growth Practice – Many software companies spend much of their time and resources servicing the immediate needs of the company and not enough time understanding the multiple revenue streams that are often left unclaimed on the table. We have worked with many software companies to help them find these additional revenue streams and incorporate these streams into new sales.