EHS Software Problem #4 – That’s Not How We Do It Anymore!

In our work with companies implementing or changing their EHS Software, we often hear this quote or a variation of it: “We used to do that, but now all incidents are required to be reviewed by the plant manager before being closed out.” When we hear this, we very quickly hear some combination of the below: We have changed our investigation methodology We have changed our incident management process We have changed our action item process Our tracking system/software is inflexible and cannot be changed to match our evolving safety culture We have identified new processes that we want [...]

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Software Developer Jobs May Double in 10 years

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Year 2000 job report told us there were 697,000 software development jobs in the US. The same report estimated there would be 1,361,000 software development jobs by 2010. This report missed the mark. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were 1,336,300 software development jobs in the US. In other words, the conservative Department of Labor said we would double the number software development jobs in 10 years. It only took 8 years to double. We got to the projected number 2 years early. Keep in mind, [...]

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Better Problem Solvers Leads to Better IT

Several years ago I was on a software development project for a fortune 100 company. Through the course of investigating some data I needed to call in an API, I learned about an application they had running. As I started asking questions, several facts about this one application came out: They needed to reboot the server running this application 3-4 times a week They needed to reboot the server because 3-5 processes would each attempt to use 100% of the CPU. They spent $40K on software to monitor the CPU usage and to automatically reboot the server when it [...]

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