How to answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Title: How to Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?” Do Not Bad Mouth If you do, you sound like you keep a grudge If you say something bad about them, we could be next Tell the Truth It may hurt Add positives such as what you contributed or how you learned and grew Practice Your Answer

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Ask These 7 Questions in an Interview to Make the Company Want to Hire You

Interviews are not really a walk in the park. Not only do you have to be equipped with sufficient information regarding what the company does and what your role requires you to do, but you also have to revise the basic knowledge regarding your line of work. Considering that an interview is one of the most important stages of a hiring process, most employers have a stringent eye on how you perform here. Do a good job here and you would be considered good to join the company. Although most talented individuals giving an interview are prepared to answer [...]

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The Hard Truth about Working in an IT Infrastructure

Oh, you’ve finally landed the perfect job in an IT infrastructure. You feel that life has finally come on track and you can breathe a sigh of relief. While there is much to rejoice over, you need to also comprehend that an Information Technology infrastructure comes with a lot of downsides and responsibilities, and people who work in this field tend to experience these downsides in their truest form. While the IT infrastructure is surpassing unprecedented heights, here, we take a look at some of the lighter details surrounding work in this field and look at the hard truth that [...]

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