Staffing Success Story –Software Company

 Client Problem: The company is software company with multiple products in the heavy construction space. They are a market leader in their field. They are leading the way in introducing mobile application, drones and IoT devices to an industry that is slow to change. They have a progressive cultural and perks that emulates what one would see in Silicon Valley. They have very low turnover. Their year-to-year sales are growing rapidly. Between new features to the existing software products and new products they want to introduce, the amount of work is greater than the capacity of the current staff. They prefer full-time people so they can keep the knowledge in-house. They wanted to bring on programmers and QA people on a contract-to-hire basis.

“Decide consistently finds and delivers high quality software developers. Their ‘hit’ ratio is better that any IT recruiting company I have worked with ever.”

Skill Sets Needed: MS Full Stack Developers, C#, SQL, Javascript, MVC, Angular, Xamarin. iOS Development

What made us different: Decide’s Conclusive Hiring process focuses on our proprietary problem-solving assessment. Decide can identify the top 10% of problem solving individuals. These are the people, who come up with solutions in hours that take other people days. We explained our 100% success rate when placing high-scoring problem-solvers. Decide also provided them with a very agreeable fee structure if they wanted to hire anyone that Decide placed there on a contract.

How we found people: We recruited from our traditional boards and recruiting channels, internal databases, sourcing from competitors, identified companies who used similar technology stacks and pulled people from social media. Decide has a significant feed of people coming in from our candidate-attracting salary tools. Each potential candidate was given our assessment. We forwarded individuals who scored in the top 10% of all people.

Outcome: The client brought in 7 individuals from Decide over an 18-month period. The client made offers to several of those. All the Decide folks played critical roles in the success of multiple projects. Several of the managers referred Decide to IT hiring managers at other companies.

Consultants Placed:Below represent the profiles of individuals placed

Companies Worked for Before

Electronic Data Systems
Shell Oil
Bank of America

Average Years Experience: 12 years

SQL Server
Objective C
Automated Testing

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