Better Inbound Digital Marketing

Inbound Digital marketingA frustrating event for a SMB business owner is to spend money to promote and market your business and NOT get that ROI. Another is to hire “experts” only to realize, you know more than they do. At Decide Consulting, we made decision to promote our business through a variety of inbound-marketing and digital marketing efforts. We needed better bottom-line marketing results, not reports that did nothing for us. We hired a variety of marketing “experts” along the way. Some of these added value for a month or so. However, it became frustrating with  hefty fees for many months on end. And what we received month-after-month, was something we could do much better on our own. for In other words, we could do more with less money.

We are a technology company run by software developers. Therefore, we quickly found out how to do more with less, get better data and find alternate uses of data. We started helping other business owners as a favor. Very quickly the feedback was universal. You are giving me more value than my internal marketing people or highly paid consultants. This is when we knew we could offer a new service line to our client base.

Your company can benefit from knowing or having any of the below. We can help you, reach out to us:

  • What are my competitors most clicked-on-pages?
  • Recommended keywords/ blog topics / pages should I focus on?
  • What is my competitions best performing keywords?
  • How do I determine what customer profiles to target?
  • What are my competitors most valuable keywords / page combinations?
  • Keywords my target customer searches on?

Other services we provide:

Social Media:

  • Consistent themed blog Images
  • Themed promotional content for use on Social Media
  • Social Media Postings scheduled for your blogs (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Scheduled Postings for related news of your company
  • Promotional contact on Social Media

Business Outreach:


  • Web site technical improvements
  • Web site speed improvements

Decide has built proprietary marketing tools that have helped our business grow. Hence, you can grow using them too. You too can do more with less.

Questions? Feel free to Contact us.