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Debbie WardDebbie Ward


Debbie Ward is a Sr. Technical Recruiter responsible for identifying exceptional technical talent for the benefit of our clients. She is an adept technologist who served in technical leadership as a Director of IT for 13 years, prior to shifting her career to talent acquisition. For the past 5 years Debbie has leveraged her background and her passion for helping others to connect with candidates on a personal level. Through these connections, she has played a role in helping countless individuals make positive career moves.  Debbie earned her Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems after working in the field for the majority of her career. Contact Debbie at DWard@decideconsulting.com

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Why Companies Partner with Decide

Decide Consulting’s recruiting team is one of the best in Houston. We  don’t just say it, we back it up, and here’s how:

Management is rooted in technology, not sales – Decide consulting is founded by technologists, not salespeople. The management team has regular whiteboard sessions with the recruiting and sales staff. Our IT recruiters know more because they have been taught more. When we do a qualification call, we constantly hear – “That’s a good question. I haven’t been asked that before.”

Our IT Recruiters are paid more – Decide Consulting values the recruiting process and pays accordingly. The compensation plan exceeds any other we know of in Houston. We are not looking for a team of inexperienced kids who know some buzzwords. We are looking for recruiters who can help develop career paths and make sure people find interesting work where they can make a difference.

Our IT recruiters have proprietary tools – We provide our IT recruiters with the regular tools of the trade, but we give them some proprietary tools and methodologies to find more technologist. This is what happens when you have a technology-oriented management.

Our IT recruiters are not micromanaged – They are good at what they do, given the tools to succeed and turned loose. No one fills out call logs or has to bring in people to fill a quota.

Our IT recruiters have flexibility – Recruiting is not an 8-5 job. If they need a day off, they take it. If they need to see a school play or go to a doctor visit, they do so. They work hard and focused when they work and have a balance.

A collaborative environment – Recruiting, sales and management all have the same vision, core values and goals. We want our clients to succeed. Finding the right people for them contributes to that success. The Decide Consulting environment encourages collaboration and teamwork between recruiting and sales.

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