Roles we Recruit: CX Lead

CX Lead Job Description:

The CX Lead is the authority in all activities that result in a spectacular customer experience. Their mission is enhance your customers’ journeys with their natural abilities to plan, design and manage your systems within budget and timelines. They also take the responsibility to educate and empower employees to always proceed with a customer-first mentality for each project. The CX Lead skilfulness lies in recognising opportunities, observing issues and trends to make strategy suggestions.

The CX Lead role is customer-centric, being able to take constructive feedback through the customer voice and transform it into an improved process. They are the ones who will make your customers fall in love with your products or services and keep coming back for more. A CX Lead will be able to give your company an edge over your competitors.

CX Lead Key Skills:

  • Previous experience in CX roles and leadership
  • Preferred CX certification
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Good business acumen
  • Expert in CX tools, CX technologies and customer journey mapping
  • Specialist in deciphering customer needs and customer-centered design processes

CX Lead Salary:

  • Top 15%: $138,500
  • Middle: $88,750
  • Bottom 15%: $78,500

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