Roles we Recruit: Data Analyst/Report Writer

Data Analyst/Report Writer Job Description:

The Data Analyst/Report Writer is the person who handles all data modelling requests from the business intelligence department. They are very skilled in working with numbers and transforming numbers into easy to understand reports. They effortlessly come up with solutions for analyses in accordance with end user requirements. No matter the type of requests, they can provide a multitude of reports, such as matrices, charts or simple tables.

A Data Analyst/Report Writer moulds the information into accurate reports that people within the organisation can rely on to make sound decisions. They always perform their own testing to ensure high standards on the provided reports. Moreover, their commitment for analytics optimisation is noticeable as they don’t hesitate to create an overview and tweak it when necessary. They bring new suggestions to the table for improvements on data handling due to extensive data analysis. Queries for data analysis runs through their veins and they can create stunningly effective reports for your company.

Data Analyst/Report Writer Key Skills:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS)
  • BIRT, JasperReport, Pentaho, SpagoBI, KNIME, ReportServer, D3.js
  • SQL, NoSQL
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access)
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Database queries, Oracle
  • Analytics, Reports creation
  • Organisation and Problem solving skills

Data Analyst/Report Writer Salary:

  • Top 15%: $135,000
  • Middle: $95,000
  • Bottom 15%: $80,000