Roles we Recruit: Database Administrator

Database Administrator Job Description:

The Database Administrator looks after the databases performance to ensure stability and smooth operations. They perform troubleshooting of existing databases to identify any potential issues and apply fixes with future prevention in mind. The IT department is dependent on their skills to manage various software installations on database levels. They actively participate in the building and maintenance of the databases and data structures.

A Database Administrator is the asset you need for the optimisation of databases in order to have the best supporting configuration. It’s within their their hands to coordinate any updates to the database environments. This can entail migration, testing, installations or having backups in place as recovery solutions. Security of the database is also comprised within their responsibilities, as a Database Administrator takes care of the compliance and controls within their department. They thoroughly document the procedures regarding database processes to always have on file the techniques and tools required.

Database Administrator Key Skills:

  • Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Management Server
  • Database administration, T-SQL procedures, Database mirroring
  • Bulk loads with SSIS, Server consolidation
  • SSRS
  • SQL server replication, backups
  • Agile, Scrum

Database Administrator Salary:

  • Top 15%: $157,000
  • Middle: $96,000
  • Bottom 15%: $76,750