Roles we Recruit: Data Reporting Analyst

Data Reporting Analyst Job Description:

The Data Reporting Analyst is the suitable person to have in your company for effective reporting of data analysis and its impact on your business. Their know-how in both coding and data handling results in an effective understanding of complex reports that in turn increase the business efficiency. They manage various tools in order to convey the right findings to the project stakeholders and implicitly be a part of the final outcome.

A Data Reporting Analyst focuses on strategic reporting that will catalyse actions towards the business goals. For them, everything is measurable therefore for any need or objective that you want to put into numbers, the Data Reporting Analyst will come to your rescue. They can achieve any reporting requests from the project team members and help with the generation of various diagrams, reports or other visual material necessary.

Data Reporting Analyst Key Skills:

  • Data analysis and reporting
  • BIRT, JasperReport, Pentaho, SpagoBI, KNIME, ReportServer, D3.js
  • NoSQL, Couchbase, MongoDB, Redis
  • Programming knowledge (SQL)
  • Reporting and statistical tools (JMP, SAS, Tableau)
  • Analytical skills, Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Verbal and written skills

Data Reporting Analyst Salary:

  • Top 15%: $108,250
  • Middle: $73,250
  • Bottom 15%: $58,250