Roles we Recruit: Data Warehouse Analyst

Data Warehouse Analyst Job Description:

The Data Warehouse Analyst is the person who keeps tabs on all the database events. Taking into consideration the customer needs, they draft and execute data warehouse systems in order to optimise the resource usage and data access. Their expertise is visible in maintaining a high quality of warehouse data in a patterned and accurate way. They really know how to work with data marts, to analyse the system and its corresponding data and provide the best solutions.

A Data Warehouse Analyst is the gateway keeper of data systems. They take it upon themselves to perform troubleshooting and fix issues according to the industry best practices. The internal applications used by your company, including various softwares and systems are kept in great functioning conditions due to a Data Warehouse Analyst. They are directly implicated in the upkeep and uptime of the systems resources. The system will be in great hands and fine tuned with their help, as they deal with the upgrades and configuration changes.

Data Warehouse Analyst Key Skills:

  • Data transfer, ETL tool (Microsoft SSIS)
  • Database platform systems, System administration, Software Development
  • SQL, NoSQL
  • Amazon Redshift, Teradata, Oracle 12c, Informatica, ParAccel
  • C#, Java, PowerShell etc
  • Ajax, MVC, EAR
  • Weblogic Portal, Webcenter Portal
  • MS Office

Data Warehouse Analyst Salary:

  • Top 15%: $159,000
  • Middle: $94,500
  • Bottom 15%: $76,250